I am not ashamed

Lincee: “I just purchased my first American Idol single off of iTunes.” My sister Jamie: “Which one?” Lincee: “David Cook’s soulful rendition of Billie Jean. Are you going to make fun of me?” Jamie: “Uhm…NO! Best $0.99 you’ve ever spent.” Lincee: “Clearly.” Slight pause. Lincee: “Did you see the Jonas Brothers on Dancing with the Stars?” Jamie: “I have to draw a line somewhere.”

My first retraction

Exactly one week ago, I posted my first of many “Great Debate” sections of my blog [WEBSITE]. (See below or click GREAT DEBATE in category column to the right.) My high school friend Chance and I pondered one of the most disputed questions of all time: What would you consider the top five Michael Jackson songs? From the numerous comments that followed that entry, I can see that many of

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The great debate

I’m on the phone with my good friend Chance last night and for some reason, we get on the topic of the top five Michael Jackson songs of all time. Chance: Well…you’d have to put “Man in the Mirror” in there for sure. Lincee: Of course. One of his best. And I’d put “The Way You Make Me Feel” near the top. Chance: Clearly. We then agree that “Beat It,”

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Being the owner of a worn out New Kids on the Block GREATEST HITS CD, I’m excited as a 12-year-old girl from 1989 in my acid wash jean jacket with an “I heart Joey” button displayed proudly over my heart at the following news. Maybe the lyrics were true…they really are loving me forever. From PEOPLE website: After months of speculation and rumor, the Kids are coming back. A well-placed

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