I Hate Green Beans Podcast 39: Bachelor Arie Recap Week 7 and Winter Games

Y’all, we have SO much to talk about with The Bachelor AND Bachelor Winter Games. But first, I want to thank everyone who came out to the book launch on Monday. I had a fabulous time meeting people and signing books! I apologize to those who were expecting a recap yesterday. I just couldn’t make it happen. However, The Bachelor was playing at the party. It was a DOOZIE! Some

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 38: Bachelor Arie Recap Week 6

We are halfway through Bachelor Arie’s journey to find love and the only thing anyone cares about at this point is Krystal’s nodes and Baby Bekah’s marijuana farming job. It was a full episode of various dates in Paris — the perfect place to fall in love. And the perfect place for the ABC censor guys to drop in all sorts of black modesty boxes. To these brave people, I

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 37: Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’

Justin Timberlake’s new album dropped a few days ago and I’ve listened to it enough to make my opinion known. In a nutshell, I liked ‘Man of the Woods’ leaps and bounds better than Taylor’s ‘Reputation.’ My roommate, friend, landlord Lara and I discussed ‘Reputation’ back in Episode 24. You can listen to that one HERE. Lots of people had issues with our issues, but I stand firm. Let’s bring

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 36: Bachelor Arie Week 5

It’s week five and Arie has not yet found love. Dr. Tia found it, but he hasn’t quite yet. After sitting through a lot of Krystal, I’d say the episode circles around the topics of bowling, 21 Questions, and cannibalism. Some Guy in Austin and I spell it out for your here. And now for some links! Bachelor Recap: Arie Week 5 Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or Android Newsletter Subscription:

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 35: Bachelor Arie Week 4 Recap

Well, we finally know how Arie feels upon the revelation that Bekah is 22-years-old. Devastation. Horror. Heartbroken. Pain. The poor guy had to hold it together at dinner while tears pooled in his eyes as he did the mental math to come up with a fourteen year age difference. He likes her, but she’s not going to win. I don’t think Arie can do it. We also discuss survival skills,

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