IHGB Podcast 48: Duets

Some Guy in Austin is back! And we are excited to share our favorite duets. Note: A duet is different from a duo. We explain this in the opening of the show. The Judds? Duo. “That Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica? Duet. See the difference? I think I should also point out that my duets are way better than SGIA’s. It’s my opinion, but it’s true. EPISODE NOTES:

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IHGB Podcast 47: Cinderella Stories

If you take the time to really think about it, Cinderella stories are all around us. My friend Stephanie has a version that she ADORES. I have a feeling some of you are going to be incredibly disappointed that I have neither seen nor heard of it. But I’m going to remedy that soon. EPISODE NOTES: Stephanie’s first Cinderella experience: Rodgers and Hammerstein My first Cinderella experience: Disney’s Cinderella The

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IHGB Podcast 46: Dancing in Movies

I understand that this podcast title may be confusing. Let me explain: When listener Kara suggested this topic, I was validated because I’ve been circling it for a while. However I didn’t just want to do dance movies because most of my favorite dance movies are musicals. And I already did a podcast on musicals. (It was wonderful, by the way. You should listen!) But in Kara’s email to me,

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IHGB Podcast 45: Rising Stars

In this episode of the I Hate Green Beans Podcast, I’m back with my roommate Lara discussing a fun topic. With the onset of Easter, we decided to share our rising stars with listeners. We talk about musicians and actors, but we also talk about iPhones, royal events, and craft beer. Basically we talk about what has risen — just like Jesus. EPISODE NOTES: Lara and I discuss the new

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IHGB Podcast 43: Pop Culture Slam Dunks

Now that Bachelor Arie found love, proposed, changed his mind, said JUST KIDDING on national television, bought a ring for number two, proposed to her (also on national television), and is off cashing in his fifteen minutes of fame, I’ll be focusing on other pop culture related episodes of the podcast. I know those of you who don’t watch The Bachelor are virtually high-fiving me right now! In celebration of

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