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What I’m watching: Part 1

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 @ 03:09 PM
Author: Lincee

Lincee's Fall TV

More than a few of you have asked me what my beloved DVR will be recording this fall. I’m both flattered that you have sought out my opinion and a little concerned that some of you probably think all I do is sit around and watch television.

To that I say:
1. Thank you! I’m super excited about the lineup!
2. You are correct. I do watch a lot of television. And sometimes I can’t believe that covering television is legitimately my job. Thank you Entertainment Weekly!

This post will be a two-part series. This one will cover all NEW shows that I plan on watching this season. You should know that I have HORRIBLE instincts when it comes to predicting sitcoms and dramas that will withstand the test of time. I also have a tendency wave at the television bandwagon as it passes me by. I have embraced some of my favorite shows after arriving extremely late to the party. These include masterpieces such as Castle, Hart of Dixie, Big Bang Theory and my fake detective boyfriend Sherlock. (I will not waste your time waxing on about the wonder that is Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ll save that for another post. Amen?)

I should also warn you that, like my appetite, I have the television palate of a teenager. I enjoy a good romance, love to laugh, hate creepy things and prefer my entertainment to be as blood-free as possible. Clearly the last criteria is void if said entertainment involves supernatural beings such as hot vampires.

Here we go!

Red Band Society
Wednesday, September 17

Sick kids in a hospital will definitely result in a night of tears. That can’t be helped. You all know how I handle situations like this, but I think I should be safe since I’m in the comfort of my own home and have an endless supply of Kleenex. Additionally, I have two words for you: Dave Annable.

The Mysteries of Laura
Wednesday, September 17

I love, love, love Debra Messing. I always have. I even loved her and her weird scarves in Smash. (I stuck with that show to the bitter end people.) I like that she’s a hard core detective with little people running around in her life. Plus, I have two words for you: Josh Lucas.

Monday, September 22

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. This looks very dark and brooding and I’m more of a “let’s all laugh together” kind of person. I’m drawn to this because I love a good superhero story. I do wonder if I am not going to be invested in the storyline since Batman isn’t even Batman yet. But I have two words for you: Ryan Atwood Ben McKenzie.

Tuesday, September 30

When I first saw this trailer, I rolled my eyes wondering how ABC was going to pull off an entire series based on the phenomenon of social media. Then I saw the pilot. With the underlying theme of a modern-day My Fair Lady, it actually wasn’t horrible! I decided to give it a go and fully acknowledge that it will more than likely be cancelled in the near future. With that said, I have two words for you: John Cho.

Manhattan Love Story
Tuesday, September 30

I’m covering this show for Entertainment Weekly this fall. It combines several of my favorite things in life: romance, honesty, Lady Liberty and three words…

The Flash
Tuesday, October 7

You didn’t think I would forget the CW, did you? Aside from my aforementioned superhero affection, this just looks plain fun. And, of course, I have two words for you: Grant Gustin.

Marry Me
Tuesday, October 14

How will the writers develop an entire season of the two main characters proposing to each other? The answer is who cares? I’m willing to dedicate 30 minutes of my life to find out because of two words: Casey Wilson.

Let me know what new shows you’ll be watching this fall. Is there something wonderful I’m missing? It’s not too late to set my DVR you know.

It’s not all right

Thursday, September 4, 2014 @ 02:09 PM
Author: Lincee

Saved by the Bell

Lifetime would like for you to know that this is the UNAUTHORIZED made for TV movie about our favorite Bay Side High students. I’d like for you to know that I laughed until I cried, before coming around full circle to laughing again. Dear reader, I can’t keep you from watching this UNAUTHORIZED movie because I know curiosity is going to get the best of most of you. Believe me. I understand. I’m the jack wagon who set my DVR to record this business. How bad could it be?

It was painful.

For that one-percent who will take my advice and toss this pop culture phenomenon out like yesterday’s Kardashian news, allow me to give you the highlights and save you 120 minutes that could be well spent watching grass grow or paint dry.

Things I Took Away from The UNAUTHORIZED Saved By the Bell Movie:

  1. The entire show was told from Screech’s perspective. We can only assume this is because he wrote a tell-all book and the screenplay was roughly thrown together from its contents.
  2. Behind The Hit:The Unauthorized Untold Story of Saved By the BelI had the exact same pair of acid washed jeans as Jessie was wearing when the kids learned that all the critics thought they were a joke. I’m quite confident that my Mama still has them in the attic if anyone needs them for Halloween this year.
  3. The show was cancelled three times before it became an overnight sensation. It was the highest ranking Saturday morning show and I contributed to those stats. I only watched because Zack was really cute and carried a cool brick phone.
  4. Zack had brunette hair in real life. He dyed it for the show. AC Slater’s mullet was legit though. You can’t fake great hair like that.
  5. AC autographed a teenaged girl and HER MOTHER’S stomaches.
  6. The network had fights over AC and Zack being shirtless in BOP magazine. They also didn’t want any of the cast dating each other on the side.
  7. Which brings me to the biggest shocker: ZACK AND LISA TURTLE SORT OF DATED! I know, right? He really liked her and they often had dates on the roof where they shot the show. But they both hated being secretive. She broke up with him when a picture ran of him hugging Kelly Kaposki.
  8. Jessie often whined that she was “stuck in high school” even though she had graduated in real life. She wanted to tackle more daring storylines. That’s when the most memorable scene in show history was born:Admit it. Your 90s self thought that was Academy Award material.
  9. AC Slater would bring girls onto the set and make out with them at The Max.
  10. Screech boozed, smoked and hooked up on the side, thanks to the bad behavior he picked up from a random guy he befreinded on the lot one day. That guy video taped him for several years and then used the footage to blackmail him later.
  11. Lisa was quiet, Kelly was nervous, Jessie was determined, Screech was wounded, AC was oblivious and Zack never wanted the show to end. And Mr. Belding was as dorky in person as he was on the show.

If the nostalgia sucked you in and watched the show, let me know. We can start a support group. Oh, and feel free to comment if there’s something I forgot. Full disclosure: I may have been distracted by the rain that was falling outside of my window that day. I was a little too lazy to pick up the remote and rewind to see the things I missed.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Monday, September 1, 2014 @ 01:09 PM
Author: Lincee

Guardians of the Galaxy

Are you looking for something to do this Labor Day? Here’s my recommendation. Head on over to your local multiplex to watch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ Yes, it’s made a bajillion dollars since it debuted in August, but I feel that a few of you probably haven’t bowed to peer pressure to see it on the big screen and you’re waiting for the Red Box edition. DON’T DO THAT! I mean, don’t only do that. Of course rent it when it comes out around Christmastime. You’d be silly not to.

I’m off track. Here are three reasons that should convince you to leave now to catch the next showing.

1. Tale as Old as Time
Everyone who reads IHGB on a regular basis probably knows by now that I have a weird affection for superheroes, including but not limited to Marvel characters, DC characters, Captain Kirk and Han Solo. What you may not know is that I will always root for the underdog. I find great joy in cheering on a bunch of Marvel misfits who band together for the greater good. Especially if a raunchy raccoon pulls focus with his crass humor.

2. Hooked on a Feeling
Our main character, Star-Lord, literally has a cassette tape labeled “Awesome Mix Volume 1″ which tells us two things. One, Star Lord is totally cool because he makes mixed tapes like me. And two, the name hints that there is a second volume! Hello sequel! The soundtrack features an eclectic mix of old favorites and tracks that can’t help but encourage the audience to sing along in the theater. Of course that could have been just me, but how can you not accompany Blue Swede when they sing “Hooked on a Feeling?” The answer? YOU CAN’T.

3. Chris Pratt
You’ve known him as bumbling Andy on ‘Parks & Recreation,’ but he has proven himself through many minor roles that he is ready to take on a lead role in an action-packed superhero movie. He’s surrounded by phenomenal supporting characters, two of which are CGI, and he still comes across as strong, funny and determined. Plus, he has the physique of a superhero, but without the spandex.

Chris Pratt

If that’s not enough for you to get in your car and go to the theater right now, check out the trailer. I dare you not to be at least intrigued!

‘Begin Again’

Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 12:08 PM
Author: Lincee

Begin Again

I recently received a text from my friend Blake asking if I had seen the movie Begin Again. He told me that if I had not seen the movie, I needed to stop whatever I was doing, get in my car, drive to the theater, buy a ticket and prepare to be transformed.

Blake: I don’t want to build it up too much, but you’ll thank me.

I immediately checked out the trailer.

They had me at Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine.

Another text from Blake revealed that he had purchased the soundtrack the minute he left the theater. This was extremely valuable information since Blake is a walking deejay.

You see, Blake and I are like pen pals, but way cooler. We send mix tapes (read: burned CDs) back and forth from Dallas to Houston. In manilla envelopes. With stamps and everything. We’ve been doing this for years. You can learn a lot from a person by their thematic representation of a playlist, and I would trust Blake with my iTunes account any day of the week.

To sum up, Keira Knightly, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine star in a musical drama from the writer and director of Once. If that’s not enough, Blake endorsed both the movie and the soundtrack.

I was sitting alone in the theater in less than 48 hours.

As you probably gathered from the trailer, Gretta (Knightly) and Dave (Levine) are writing partners who move to New York City – the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Dave gets a record deal and Gretta is discarded. She has resorted to singing in tiny bars in the East Village. Fortunately, washed up ex-record producer Dan (Ruffalo) discovers her around bourbon number three and offers to record her songs, her way, with New York City as their live studio. Gretta transitions from skeptical, to hesitant, into full-blown trust throughout the movie. And so does Dan.

The idea of recording a live album at various landmarks in New York City is exactly as cool and crazy as it sounds. Knightly, Ruffalo and Levine pour their emotions into each scene and I was swept up into the moment right along with them. The film has countless themes, but I believe the story is about how we must deal with choices we made in the past. We must build on the circumstances that have been handed to us, good or bad, and create something beautiful, new and exciting. And I love that Begin Again uses music to get us there.

How many of you can think of a song that immediately sparks a memory? I have dozens of them. This movie takes us through an array of human emotions and gives us a sneak peek into the healing that can come from a simple melody or a powerful guitar riff. It uses music to celebrate, mourn, escape and restore. To quote Blake, “It’s a story of recovery, freedom and forgiveness and about the life-changing ability of music.”

Clearly we both give Begin Again two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Music gives us the ability to write our own soundtrack to life. May yours be full of calming classical moments, dashes of down home gospel, flashes of hard hitting rock-n-roll, bits of soulful blues and of course, New Kids on the Block greatest hits.