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Is Nicholas Sparks the Godfather of the Love Story?

Thursday, October 15, 2015 @ 04:10 PM
Author: Lincee

Nicholas Sparks

Monday’s post on epic love stories was a fun one to write, but I’ve enjoyed the comments section even more! Hardly anyone thinks that I’m a total dork when it comes to my appreciation for a good romantic storyline. IHGB is, and always will be, a safe place for hopeless romantics and children of the ‘80s. It’s in my mission statement.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was copied on a group email discussing the man behind a modern-day love story — Nicholas Sparks. Some think his movies are the same story told over and over again, but with different lead character names and different wayward pasts that inevitably come back to haunt them. Let the record show that I do not fall into that category. This surprises none of you, I’m sure.

My friend and fellow Entertainment Weekly colleague Maggie has spent countless hours researching. Nicholas Sparks. (Here’s her review from A Walk To Remember.) She even went as far as deciphering the key components of a Sparks movie that make countless hopeless romantics like me soak up anything he may write:


‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Switch-Up Week

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 @ 12:10 PM
Author: Lincee

Dancing with the Stars

I personally love when Switch-Up week rolls around on Dancing with the Stars. I like to see how excited everyone is to work with someone new, even though they have to pretend to sort of hate it. Although last night a few people flat-out admitted that they were having a better time with their new partner. I’m looking at you Paula! Then performance night arrives and they can’t help but be TICKED if their original person is getting better scores. Everyone likes to put on a good face, but TV does not lie. And neither does my DVR when I rewind to make sure that was a definite eye roll. Let’s break down the dances, shall we?


It’s a Love Story

Monday, October 12, 2015 @ 03:10 PM
Author: Lincee


My friend Lara recently finished watching all five seasons of Alias. She was immediately sucked into the epic love story of special agent Sydney Bristow and her hotter than crap handler Michael Vaughn. Who cares that she caught this train roughly a decade after the rest of us? I choose to celebrate that she now understands what I’ve been talking about for the last 13 years.


‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Most Memorable Year

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 @ 05:10 PM
Author: Lincee

Dancing with the Stars

It’s inevitable. When “Most Memorable Year” rolls around on Dancing with the Stars, I sit down to watch with every intention of bawling my eyes out. Stars are real people too you know! They have feelings and emotions and stuff. Here’s a breakdown of each dance and the exact moment that I started crying during their pre-packaged interviews. Enjoy.

Alexa and Mark
“Mama Said” by the Shirelles
Kleenex Alert: Alexa thanking her mother for getting her where she is today.

I was so proud of Alexa calling Alfonso out on his comment last week. As you may recall, he told her that she is NOT going to win this contest with her husband. She’s going to win it with Mark. Alexa basically shared that Carlos is the most important thing in her life and she will choose him over a first-place mirrorball trophy any day of the week. YES! Unfortunately, her dance was less than stellar. The green dress was amazing. The botched choreography—not so much.
Score: 21