Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise finale recap: Happily Evanly after

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap It’s the end of the hot and humid road for these folks and boy, are they happy to leave Paradise for their exotic fantasy suites. Who cares if Our Host Chris Harrison’s entourage is bumping to the latest beats of the new Frank Ocean album in the Presidential floor right above them? This joint has AIR CONDITIONING. There’s so much cool air blowing that everyone

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Grace under pressure

Once again, I filled in for my friends over at Entertainment Weekly for last night’s Bachelor in Paradise recap. Please know that it is a FLUKE that I have covered the show twice in one season. I’m happy to help out where needed, but I love my recaps over here because I can keep my “Lincee-isms” I’ve developed over the years (read: decades). Some of you were missing those from

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Nick and Wells = best week ever

Bachelor in Paradise recap: Episode 9 Let me begin by saying that I approve of ABC’s decision to have Nick Viall as the next bachelor for season 21. My reasons are threefold: He’s funny as well as level-headed. We saw this multiple times during this season’s Bachelor in Paradise with Ashley I-Lashes and the Twins. I can see him taking on the same counseling role in the mansion, attempting to

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: All is Wells

Bachelor in Paradise recap: Episode 8 We hit pretty much every emotion on the spectrum during last night’s Bachelor in Paradise episode. Seriously. We experienced major tears, minor tears, lots of condescension, straight up anger, befuddlement, euphoria, doldrums and several, “Oh no” moments when a certain girl named Jami entered Paradise. But nothing compares to the monstrosity that was Carly’s rose ceremony outfit. It made me feel things. Confused, angry,

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Love is a battlefield

We are young. Heartache to heartache, we stand. No promises, no demands. Love is a battlefield. And Ashley I-Lashes will win WITH HER MIND. Guess what beaners? My recap of episode 7 of Bachelor in Paradise can be found over on the Entertainment Weekly website. I filled in for the wonderful Samantha Highfill. All you have to do is click HERE and it will take you right to the drama

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