Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise recap: Return of the Black Modesty Box

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Episode 3 The main thing you should know about this Bachelor in Paradise episode is that everyone is playing musical partners. Just when you think a couple has reached the pinnacle of Jade and Tanner status, someone comes waltzing down the cobblestone steps to mix things up a bit. This allows our peninsula dwellers to “explore” and “keep an open mind” so others may inquire

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Almost Paradise Lost

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Episode 2 Welcome to the second installment of Keeping Up with the Islanders: Tia and Colton Edition. In case you were comatose during the second episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Tia is mentally picking out her china pattern and the colors of her bridesmaid dresses (blush and bashful), while Colton doesn’t really know if he’s ready to date, let alone drop down on one knee

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Did you know Tia likes Colton?

Hello fellow BIP-watchers! Entertainment Weekly was kind enough to let me recap the season 5 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise and I was happy to fill in for the night. Please know that this is a one-time deal. I will always love recapping the Bachelor franchise on my website and will never stop unless Our Host Chris Harrison personally asks me to. No one has ever looked that good on

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Bachelor in Paradise Finale recap: Hand-In-Hand

Pack up the tequila. Sanitize that filthy beach bed. Dust off the sand and make sure to tip your darling bartender, because Bachelor in Paradise is done. Not in a “temporarily shut down” kind of way, but the season has ended. We were left with an engaged couple, several break-ups, lots of fresh weaves, and a couple of “whoopsie daisy” moments broadcast on national television. Let’s dive in! Our Host

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Come and Knock on Our Door

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 The tropical storm known as D-Lo leaves a path of destruction after her arrival in Paradise. Before Penguin Matt can even offer Kristina his condolences (?) the next morning, another disturbance makes landfall in the form of a spunky personality in a jungle-themed romper. Her name is Sarah. She has zero expectations but is hopeful that she will find her one true

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