Bachelor Recap: Juan and One, We Were Having Some Fun

I knew it was going to be a long night when b-roll footage of tropical wildlife was featured after each commercial. Teasing the pending drama of what went down in DAndi’s forgo hut for 90 minutes didn’t help my nerves, so I decided to settle in and let the ABC current take me on this journey at its own pace. It was a smooth ride until we got to Nikki’s

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Bachelor Recap: Episode 9

I’m still processing through last night. I keep telling myself that “eet’s okay.” The recap will be up later this afternoon. If you need something to do until then, watch this clip of Hall of Famer Paul Rudd and my current celebrity crush Jimmy Fallon!

Bachelor Recap: This Juan’s For the Girls

Without even a gratuitous shot of Our Host Chris Harrison casually standing in front of the mansion on a freshly sprayed driveway, ABC wastes no time by dropping the viewer right into the first of four hometown dates. I hadn’t even shoved the first handful of popcorn in my mouth before I was scrambling to take notes on Nurse Nikki’s fingerless gloves. FINGERLESS GLOVES! It’s the final four people. Game

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Bachelor Recap: Episode 8

The recap will be up as soon as I finish researching what type of mascara Renee uses. Not only does it withstand gracious tears, but also a seagull dropping a sandwich which then landed on her head would not deter the lusciousness of those lashes. Feel free to share your thoughts on last night’s episode, as well as your feelings on TONIGHT’S DRAMATIC FANTASY SUITE FORGO CARD DATES! Here’s hoping

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Bachelor Recap: Juan Day More

The base is bumping in South Beach as Juan Pablo uses the family whistle to get the attention of his ex-wife daughter before embracing her in a loving bear hug. Sidebar: We have a family whistle. It really does come in handy. Try to remember a time before cell phones and think back to the days when you had to whistle in Winn Dixie to find your party after you

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