Bachelor Recap: Episode 4

The recap will be up as soon as I finish downloading all of the 2NE1 (or 21 as I call them) songs on iTunes.  Did you know that they are the biggest K-Pop group in South Korea?  Did you Google K-Pop to know what that means? ME TOO! I must have that unicorn pendant.  I don’t care that it’s the size of a toddler.

I cry at all weddings. Even nationally televised ones.

Sean and Catherine are finally hitched y’all! And in some honeymoon suite at the Four Seasons, there’s a discarded seven-piece champagne colored lingerie set that is strewn all over the floor. It’s disturbing that I am not Catherine’s BE-FRI to her ST-END, yet I know the delicate details of what she wore on her special night. Me and however many other millions of people who flipped back and forth from

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Bachelor Recap: You’re the Juan That I Want

I think the only logical way to begin this recap is to provide a cheat sheet that helps identify the remaining bachelorettes. Since Juan Pablo tells them all the exact same sentiments dripping with charm and charisma, it’s easy to get a few of the blondes confused with a few of the brunettes. Alli is the nanny who is really good at soccer. She’s easily confused with… Lauren who owns

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Bachelor Recap: Episode 3

The recap will be up as soon as I renew my membership to the Houston chapter of the Billy Currington fan club. Fingers crossed I’m elected Chapter President this year. What did y’all think of last night’s episode? Do you think Danielle is passing out prescriptions yet? Will Clare, DAndi or Nurse Nikki crack under the pressure first? Is Sharleen giving you weird vibes too? Should we intervene now on

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El Bachelor Recap: Juan Shot of Jose Cuervo — and Endless Glasses of Wine

Even though I watched episode two of El Bachelor in the comfort of my own home as I crouched behind couch cushions, popping peanut M&Ms and fighting the lull of vicious jet lag that was simply BEGGING me to lay my head down, I still had the mental capacity to be completely irritated by the lack of Our Host Chris Harrison in the opening scene. COME ON ABC! He is

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