Meet the Family: Johnny Ray

He loves his tractor. He carries matches around in a Mason jar so he can burn things. He kills snakes… …with his machete Love you Daddy!

Visual Proof

This is why I hate green beans.Look…even the one sad little carrot is trying to get away from them, sacrificing himself by touching the ham juice. (I’m at the hospital just hours after my dear friend Rebecca had her new baby girl…and this is what I take a picture of. I’m such a good friend.)

Here’s to VODKA!

I’m back from the Ukraine and feeling a little groggy. Yes, the flight home was 11 hours and yes the pregnant women who sat both in front of me and back of me threw up different parts of the flight, but that’s neither here nor there. I think my body is still trying to filter out the Vodka. And there was a lot of it. On my last night in

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I’m in the Ukraine

I’m in the Ukraine for work. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been traipsing around a rig yard all morning long and it’s 54 degrees and raining. It doesn’t matter that I’m tired from an eight hour plane ride from New Jersey to Germany with a seven-month old baby in the seat next to me. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t had a Dr Pepper in 48 hours. It doesn’t matter

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Appetite of a Fourth Grader

I’ll try anything once. Usually that is all it takes for me to choose never to eat that particular food again. It’s not picky…it’s knowing what you want in life. And I know that everything and anything…is better with cheese. Or ranch.On the last day of my business trip to California, the district manager took me to a nice restaurant on the beach in Ventura. It was a seafood restaurant

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