IHGB Podcast #110: Tyler Who?

Hey ya’ll It’s episode two of Bachelorette Hannah’s season and things are already getting steamy. Some Guy in Austin and I break down the three dates and discuss: Do cowboy boots and speedos go together? Is Tyler G. a real contestant or just a robot without a personality? Can we change Cam’s acronym to “Always Be Chacchin’?” Are you rooting for the guy with the twelve pack set of abs who

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IHGB Podcast #108: Here’s to Hannah

Happy Bachelorette season everyone! Hannah is back and she’s eager to sift through a roster of young fellas who claim to be ready for marriage. In order to prove his worth, the gentlemen bring Hannah sweet gifts from their homelands for her dowery.  She now has a paper airplane, a pair of pilot’s wings, a slice of soggy pizza, and the dream of one day being the future Mrs. Hannah John

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Someone Get Chris Harrison

For the first time in the history of the franchise (except for that one time Jason Mesnick said “just kidding” and Arie said “Becca, wait, sorry, hold on, I pick Lauren) we have reached the most dramatic episode in Bachelor history. When someone who has been recapping this show as long as I have stands up twice — you know it’s life altering. My stomach was in knots for a

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My Thoughts on the 2019 Oscars

It was a night full of whimsy, shockers, disappointments, crazy outfits, and one man jumping into another man’s arms, proving that this celebrity reads my Bachelor recaps. This…is the Oscars 2019. Metallic Madness Female Tuxedo Game is Strong Shoulder Flair No M’am Best Moment  Sometimes, superheroes wear turquoise velvet. Or sweaters and ties. Biggest Disappointment I love the Divine Ms. M. with my whole heart. But Bette Midler singing “The

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Whittie Mae Walker (1916 – 2017)

Mimi’s Eulogy: As the person standing before you, representing both the Dorseys and the Walkers, I believe it’s my job to help you remember the legacy of the woman we have come to celebrate. And after deciding that I will not call her Whittie (because she absolutely hated that name) I thought a logical place to brainstorm ways to honor her memory would be to think of a single word

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