Charge up the toothbrush Rover…Mama’s comin’ home


Seriously?  Seriously Shannon?  You tell everyone on national TV that you are going home to brush your dog’s teeth with an electric toothbrush and then you are going to French kiss him.

French kiss. 

TMI my stalkery friend.  TMI…

Now let’s be honest for one second.  How many of you ladies out there are rockin’ the side pony tail this fine morning?  Be honest!  I totally am.  And don’t worry about my neck.  It’s not getting cold.  Because I have my colorful whimsy scarf to protect it from the chilly Houston air. 

I’m so now.

There’s a ton to discuss about last night’s episode.  Shannon is a full recap on her own between the snot rag, death stares and doily dress her great-great grandmother once wore to celebrate her arrival in the New World. 

Feel free to discuss below.  Recap is coming up later!


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