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Since baseball season is upon us, reader Heidi Heuer felt it was my duty as the sole member of the IHGB Hall of Fame induction committee to make sure America’s favorite pastime was well represented.

Y’all know that this isn’t my first rodeo. (Note to self: future Hall of Fame category…RODEO COWBOYS) I have spent countless hours scouring fan sites in order to properly showcase the engaging gentlemen who hold the coveted “Hall of Fame” title. This is not a task I flippantly ponder while enjoying an ice cold Dr Pepper on a gorgeous spring afternoon. This is serious business.

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Two things:

1.  You’re welcome.
2.  Let’s get back to the present situation.

After days upon days of relentless research and a few unofficial polls on Facebook and Twitter, I narrowed the extremely long list down to a few potential candidates.  And by “few” I mean an overwhelming eight.

I need y’all to help me choose.  For the first time in Hall of Fame history, I am unable to make the decision myself and am asking for your guidance.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go through the photos below and vote for your favorite ball player at the end.  The top four will go in to the Hall of Fame.  The bottom four will remain safely tucked away in a special folder I have created for them on my computer.

Batting first…

1.  Dustin Ackley

Position: Second Base
Team: Seattle Mariners
Stats: Fabulous teeth. Manly facial scruff. Can rock a pair of sunglasses.

2. Robinson Cano

Position: Second Base
Team: New York Yankees
Stats: Chiseled jawline. Piercing gaze. Has a pediatric rehabilitation ward named after him. Swoon.

3. Andre Ethier

Position: Right Fielder
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Stats: Clearly, an enthusiastic teammate. Mixture of Canadian, Mexican and Cherokee descent. Doting father.

Come. On.

4. Torii Hunter

Position: Right Fielder
Team: Los Angeles Angels
Stats: Dapper. Winning smile. Appears charming, although we’ve never actually met. Involved in charity work. BONUS!

5. David Wright

Position: Third Base
Team: New York Mets
Stats: Perfect facial features. Firm grip. Gives off a “boy-next-door” vibe. Looks really good in really tight pants.

6. Joe Mauer

Position: Catcher
Team: Minnesota Twins
Stats: Flexible. Ruggedly handsome. Fierce sideburns. Could be mistaken for a Hemsworth brother.

7. Cole Hamels

Position: Pitcher
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Stats: Tall. Dark. Handsome. Can grow a respectable goatee. I doubt he will ever struggle with balding issues.

8. Chase Utley

Position: Second Base
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Stats: Why hello Mr. Forearm.

Let your voice be heard! Voting begins NOW!

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