Covert Affairs, recaps and the real Nic Bishop

Some of you may know that I am now covering Covert Affairs for Entertainment Weekly. There was talk that it might be difficult for “my voice” to be translated when writing for a drama since I traditionally handle reality shows and comedies.

Say hello to Nic Bishop who plays McQuaid on Covert Affairs. He’s like James Bond, but funny. That’s my sweet spot. In fact, I Tweeted about it this morning:

And seconds later, this happened:

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Y’all. That hot dude in the picture smiley faced me. HE SMILEY FACED ME! And it’s a special smiley face too. It’s blushing because The Real Nic Bishop is probably in touch with his emotional side and thinks it is important to connect with his fans.

Don’t tell me I’m reading too much into this. I want to ride this high at least until lunch.

What you can do is go over to my recap by clicking HERE and telling me what you think about “my voice” in a drama recap. I’ll go make sure Nic is ready to be added to my Hall of Fame.


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