Daddy’s hands

My parents hosted 29 people at their house for Thanksgiving.  Early Thursday morning, my Daddy and I were working hard to finish Mom’s to-do list before family arrived at noon.  I was on food prep.  Daddy was on table/chair duty.

We decided we needed a little music to help us with our chores.  Their TV has that section of the guide where you can choose from 500 different music channels.  An avid believer of NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING, my Dad turned it to the only channel he knew by heart — classic country.

We were humming along to Waylon, Willie, Johnny and George.  And then an old favorite by Holly Dunn came on…”Daddy’s Hands.”

I always thought that song was so sweet.  Because it’s exactly how I remember my Daddy’s hands.  I was sort of tearing up when I turned to look at my Daddy at that moment to watch his hands.

He was picking his nose.

The song will never be the same.  And I think that is awesome!


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