Dancing with the Stars recap: Disney Night

Dancing with the Stars recap — Disney Night
Season 25, Episode t

I know what you’re thinking. I bet you assume Dancing with the Stars Disney night is my favorite week of the show.

Well, you’re right!

I want to be and do all the things! I want to hold a scoring paddle formed out of Mickey Mouse ears. I need to OWN the Snow White costume Vanessa wears during her waltz. I would like one of those Jungle Book hammock things and can someone please tell me where one can purchase a turquoise merman tail?

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto are in the house. All the audience members have on their colorful ears. The JV team channels their inner Mouseketeer and I will be humming “When You Wish Upon a Star” for the foreseeable future.

Let’s do this!

Victoria and Val
“Steamboat Willie Suite” from Steamboat Willie
For those of you who don’t know, Steamboat Willie (not Steamboat Mickey as so many people assume) is the first appearance of the Big Cheese. It is a black and white short that launched a certain mouse into a household name. Unfortunately, not many people know Steamboat Willie. Therefore, they have zero emotional connection to the cartoon or the instrumental music. They do, however, connect with Mickey and Minnie.

The wardrobe department recreates the perfect black and white outfits, complete with black and white paint for Victoria and Val’s faces. It is spot on. And who doesn’t love Val in black tights? Although the dance itself is fun and quirky (read: jazz is whatever you want it to be), it’s tough to make a simple instrumental piece of music entertaining. Val does his best and Victoria commits to her role as Minnie. The result? Solid 9’s. I do wonder if Victoria’s audience appeal will keep her from landing in the bottom next week. The dance was great, but it was also forgettable. That coupled with the terrible first place position in the night’s lineup and you have a potential recipe for disaster. We shall see.

Vanessa and Maks
“Someday My Prince Will Come” from Snow White
I have a lot to say about this performance, so buckle up.

  • Vanessa could be Snow White right now if someone needed a Snow White for a party. She embodies the princess from head to toe.
  • Maks looks more like Gaston than Prince Charming, but I’ll let it slide. He is very handsome.
  • It is CLEAR that there is something wrong with this partnership. Vanessa and Maks don’t look at each other once during the entire routine. You have to go back and watch. I understand that there are moments when the genre calls for partners to look far left over their own shoulders, but when Maks and Vanessa are face-to-face, she either looks down or at his chest. So. Weird.
  • Vanessa looked unsteady several times. Was it her shoes? The weight of the dress? Was she trying to lean as far away from Maks as possible and lost her balance?
  • Both have forced smiles.
  • There is zero chemistry and zero intimacy.
  • I thought it was weird that she ended up back asleep in the elaborate woods covering the stage. He woke her up at the beginning and then left her there? Or like the song, was this just all a dream like that terrible season of Dallas back in the 80s when we thought Bobby Ewing died, but he really didn’t. (Thirty year spoiler alert!)
    SCORE: 24

Lindsey and Mark
“When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio
I have very few notes for this routine because I thought it was lovely. First of all, Mickey playing the piano? Adorable. Second, Mark and Lindsey dance and look as normal as can be. She is in a gorgeous blue gossamer gown, undoubtedly a nod to the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio. And he is in a basic, simple, classic, handsome tuxedo. There are no gimmicks. No facial expressions. Just soft, sweet, delightful foxtrotting. Of course Mark does his thing, dancing to every single tiny beat and hold in the music, because he can’t help it, but it works here too. It is so, so pretty.

Nick and Peta
“The Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book
Remember Mean Girls when everyone slaps on a pair of animal ears with their sexy lingerie and call themselves a mouse or a cat? That’s what Peta did. She’s clearly a bear. Duh.

Nick is Mowgli and they quickstep around a makeshift jungle doing lots of flicks and kicks, mess-ups here and there, and cheesing it up for the camera any chance they get. I believe Peta has resorted to theater camp theatrics because she knows that Nick can’t get the job done in the eight-count department. I should point out that even though he misses steps ever so often, he does seem to be having a great time, unlike his wife. In fact, that’s where the judges praise him — he is entertaining. He just can’t dance very well.

Drew and Emma
Viennese Waltz
“Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie
Okay, Drew and Emma’s puppet versions of themselves made my day. Kermit the Frog telling Drew that he’s the “better looking brother” also made my day. But the thing that sent me over the edge was Emma’s out of this world delicious rainbow skirt! Mother may I, because I need one of those to hang in my closet next to the sparkly Snow White outfit. Drew is in all white, with rainbow material lining his tuxedo jacket. He stands tall and proud, towering over Emma as he does. She executes somewhere around nineteen backbends for some reason. There were a million rainbow twirls and lots of fun chemistry. I have no idea why the judges apparently hate this property brother. I thought the score was low.

Sasha and Gleb
“Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid
Read this sentence slowly and carefully: Sasha has lost thirty-seven pound since she started on Dancing with the Stars. THIRTY-SEVEN POUNDS. When she saunters onto the stage wearing an ice blue Ariel gown, I noticed it. I also noticed that the hair people borrowed Sharna’s red dye for Sasha’s wig. And Gleb is a real-live version of Prince Eric.

Sadly, I didn’t love the routine. Is it weird for me to admit that I wanted it to be a little more sultry? I understand this is a children’s movie and there are actual children in the audience, but it felt halfway to me. There’s a way to rumba without being gross. Val does it all the time when they pair him with someone who is barely legal. If Gleb wanted to play it safe due to the subject matter and the little eyeballs watching, he should have kept that mantra the entire dance. The part where Sasha sort of rubs up and down him while frogs sing “sha-la-la-la-la-la don’t be scared” just looked dumb. You could tell in Sasha’s face that she wasn’t feeling it either.

Cheryl and Terrell
“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King
This was hands down the best performance by Terrell. He did such a great job. I loved his face paint and the moment when the lyrics say he’s “standing in the spotlight” and there he was, standing in an actual spotlight. What I didn’t love was all of the dead trees, the JV dancers pretending to be animals, the fog, and Boy Sasha doing gymnastics all over the place. They didn’t need it! Terrell could have commanded this on his own for sure.

Witney and Frankie
Argentine Tango
“Angelica” from Pirates of the Caribbean
This is another routine that captivated me from the beginning. Witney tells Frankie that he needs to be sexy and powerful in this dance and he confesses to the camera that he’s a straight up nerd. “I wasn’t in Teen Beat or Bop. People didn’t hang me on their wall!” #lovehim

Whatever, Frankie. He definitely pulls it off. I’ll admit that I watched Witney the majority of the time because anything that is sharp and quick is definitely in her wheelhouse. The choreography is absolutely fantastic. For me, it was obvious we were watching something that was incredible hard and Witney had no problem throwing intricate steps and advanced moves in this dance. The outfits are perfect, Frankie’s face smolders, and his scruff is cool enough for me to not spend too much time wondering if it is real.

Jordan and Lindsay
“You’re Welcome” from Moana
I literally didn’t write anything down for this routine. I knew within seconds of the opening sequence that unless the couple fell flat on their faces, this routine would receive a perfect score. Then we transition to the middle section where Lindsay includes a mini step routine and my assumption of a perfect score is dashed. There’s no way Len will allow such nonsense interfere with what was up until that point, a proper foxtrot.

But what do I know? Len loves it. Bruno appreciates the syncopation. And Carrie Ann can’t take off points because Jordan hit every step, while dancing to his own song. The result is a perfect score. Do I think it deserved a perfect score? Yes. Did I like it better than Witney and Frankie? No.

Nikki and Artem
“Remember Me” from Coco
I’m all over the map on this one. I think it’s clear that Disney wanted a huge marketing push for their newest Pixar film, Coco, which comes out later this year. I also believe that it’s unfair that Nikki and Artem had to dance to a song that no one knows, depicting a movie that no one has seen. We have zero emotional connection to anything going on in this dance, other than the fact that jazz is now interpreted as Latin Night. Nikki’s gorgeous turquoise dress is divine. Artem’s sombrero is distracting. The JV dancers and their skirts are lovely, but unnecessary. The rose petals falling from the ceiling are trip hazards. I think the pros and the JV dancers should have blown this out of the water as an opening number (choreographed by Mandy Moore, of course) and promoted the movie that way. It was vibrant and celebratory, but in no way a jazz routine.

As Tom and Erin gather everyone onto the stage, a gasp issues forth from the audience and my couch as Frankie and Sasha are announced as the bottom two contestants. I immediately spend all eleven of my votes on Frankie and watch as Sasha is sent home thirty-seven pounds lighter. THIRTY-SEVEN POUNDS.

Do you think the right person went home? More importantly, did Frankie and Sasha both deserve to be in the bottom this week? How many hours a week do you think Vanessa and Maks rehearse? My guess is two.

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