Dancing with the Stars recap: Disney Night

Dancing with the Stars Recap — Disney Night

You can’t go wrong with Disney night in my book. Having Mickey, Minnie and the gang dancing around to “Be Our Guest” with all of the pro girls in matching sparkly dresses? Yes please. I loved how most of their hair was already fixed for their show routines. Cinderella and Jasmine dancing with random boys in silver jackets made of tin foil is my sweet spot. Len dancing with Pluto is icing on the cake. Light up your commemorative Mickey ears, people. It’s time to recap.

Sharna and Antonio
“Friend Like Me” from Aladdin
To quote Sharna, Antonio is a pimp version of Aladdin. He’s also going to dance with four JV pros in blueberry colored suits. Can he handle it? The answer is a big fat YES HE CAN. Boomin’ indeed! Antonio holds is own, maintains that phenomenal smile and brings the house down. Sharna packs everything in the routine, including tapping, ballroom and a high kick line for good measure. Her outfit is a bit distracting to me, though. Think Sandy at the end of Grease, but in a sultry magic carpet kind of way. Jasmine in ice blue skin-tight pants feels scandalous for some reason. Is it just me?
SCORE: 35/40

Marla and Tony
“Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid
Marla has trouble remembering all the tiny little details that go into waltz choreography. In order to deal with the pressure of it all, she depends on Tony. She depends on him to just stand there as she releases the stress of the ballroom through cartwheels and handstands. Never mind the light fixture that breaks as she swings her feet up onto a wall.  JUST BREATHE. JUST DANCE. Tony makes a handsome Prince Charming. He watches as Marla brushes her hair with a dinglehopper just like Ariel. The dance feels safe and a touch clunky. And the ending is way off. Ariel doesn’t go back to the ocean. She marries Prince Charming! I do agree with the judges that Marla has natural elegance even though she’s a teeny bit stiff at times.
SCORE: 28/40

Nyle and Peta
“Trashin’ the Camp” from Tarzan
I know that most of you probably assume this was my favorite dance of the night because of this image:

Dancing with the Stars recap

Although Nyle’s abs are impressive and this song is totally my jam (NSYNC 4-EVER…and you’re my boy Phil Collins!), the routine was middle of the pack for me. I was impressed by Nyle’s gymnastics. I liked the imagery of Tarzan not being able to understand Jane, just like Nyle can’t understand Peta. I love a good samba roll. But there was so much going on and nothing seemed cohesive. There’s the tent and the pots and pans and the tent again. The syncopation in the middle was phenomenal for a dude who can’t hear. Like Bruno said, Nyle’s wardrobe deserves and award for “Best Supporting Loincloth.” The energy was there. The entertainment value was there. I personally liked other dances better.
SCORE: 34/40

Doug and Karina
“A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins
Doug is a passionate person who likes to destroy props when he gets frustrated. When he can’t nail an eight-count, he breaks a cane over his knee as Karina yells, “We only have two sticks!” Simmer down, Doug. Rome was not built in a day. Jazz is way more complicated than constructing an ancient cosmopolitan city. Karina  incorporates too many kitchy things into the dance, which makes me think that Doug is unable to settle. There is always the next “thing” coming up. There are camera tricks, lifts, intricate choreography and when his hat accidentally falls off, all is lost. No amount of moonwalking can help this number. When Tom delivers the low score, he adds a heaping spoonful of sugar onto the dismal moment. DOUG IS SAFE! Doug stands in shock, as Karina rejoices for the chance to dance another week (with a different partner.)
SCORE: 24/40

Kim and Sasha
“I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book
I think Kim and Sasha are adorable. Everyone talks about their chemistry. The problem with these two is that they aren’t very memorable. Was their quickstep good? Yes. Did the herd of JV dancers dressed as animals add to the choreography? They did. Was Disney excited about the product placement opportunities with the live-action version of The Jungle Book coming out in theaters near you this Friday? You bet. All I remember about the dance is thinking to myself, “I wish I had a Jeep and I need to figure out Kim Field’s skin care regime. She is flawless.” That’s not going to win a dancing competition.
SCORE: 32/40

Jodie and Keo
Cha Cha
“Try Everything“ from Zootopia
Here’s the thing about Jodie and Keo: I feel like they have the deck stacked against them a little bit. Let me explain. This is Keo’s fourth season to be a pro. Yet, we still don’t know him very well. Sasha is showing his personality in rehearsal footage (and when he was a JV dancer). We know Witney and Lindsay from So You Think You Can Dance. Keo is still a mystery. I feel like other pros pull weight in the voting portion of the show. Does this make sense? Plus, giving them a song from Zootopia is a tick in the negative column. It’s a great movie, don’t get me wrong, but there is ZERO nostalgia behind it. Yes Jodie’s purple fringe dress made me salivate and yes, I too dream about dancing beside an animated gazelle who sings like Shakira. But it’s hard to get excited for that when Belle, Gaston, Mufasa and Woody are in the mix. I do appreciate Jodie explaining that her lackluster performance was due to her not being able to hear the music. It was unfortunate, but at least it wasn’t due to her drinking leftover Mischa Kool-Aid.
SCORE: 27/40

Witney and Von
Viennese Waltz
“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella
Witney bugs me a little bit. I’ve never kept that a secret. I feel like she gets irritated when she’s not at the top of the leaderboard. Then she starts pointing fingers. She wonders why all the football players are in the bottom three? She smells conspiracy. Or she smells Von’s farts. Who knows? It’s time to get serious. She really goes for broke this week with the coolest, pretties, flowiest Cinderella dress that looks just like the one in the cartoon and the movie. Her hair bun was Tinkerbell worthy. Von is a perfect Prince Charming. The waltz is smooth and graceful. The ending is discombobulated, but I thought they did a great job. The animated mice loved it too!
SCORE: 32/40

Ginger and Val
“Belle” from Beauty and the Beast
This is another example of a lot of chaos on stage. Unlike Peta and Nyle’s number, it is an organized chaos. It is musical theater and I love it. “Belle” is one of my favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast. I identify with the lyrics, just like Ginger does. I’m strange. I’m special. I’m a most peculiar mademoiselle at times. It’s a pity and a sin that I don’t quite fit in, but I’m counting on my Gaston or Beast or candlestick to dance all my troubles away by foxtrotting around a fountain. Ginger’s sequined version of Belle’s signature blue and white outfit is my new obsession. Val owns every moment too. Well done! So far, it”s my favorite dance of the night.
SCORE: 36/40

Wanya and Lindsay
“Circle of Life” from The Lion King
The chilling opening chords of “Circle of Life” is powerful enough to make me stop whatever I’m doing so I can join in. That’s not weird. It’s called passionate. Wanya totally gets me. I hesitated when I heard the extreme remixed version of this epic ditty. I didn’t want to like it, but it grew on me with each hip swivel and body roll. It was tribal, animalistic and so much fun. I love their lion outfits, Lindsay’s hair, Wanya’s growl and though Carrie Ann was crazy for saying that he over danced it. Another favorite performance from the night.
SCORE: 35/40

Paige and Mark
“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story
Paige and Mark’s set is phenomenal. Not only are big alphabet blocks featured, but there is a huge toy chest they leap out of at the beginning. They also have the little green Army men as backup dancers! I love these guys. Mark was sort of dressed up like Woody. He had suit tails made out of a cow print that were ballroom appropriate. Paige was Jessie. I wish they had kept their hats on, but I understand why they had to ditch them mid-routine. I also wish she had red yarn hair. They quickstep half the time and play the crowd the other half. It is fun and entertaining and my third favorite dance of the night. Fun fact: back in the day at Disney World, when Woody and Jessie were out taking pictures with guests, the handler would should, “Andy’s coming!” and they would drop to the ground like Mark and Page did at the end of their number. So cute. FYI: They don’t do that anymore, so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work the next time you may be in Frontierland with a couple of toys.
SCORE: 36/40

Once Paige and Mark come alive again, they make their way back to the other Disney characters. Tony and Marla are immediately bathed in red light and Tony looks mad. They are followed by Keo and Jodie. She looks like she’s trying to hold back tears. It has to be hard to be in the bottom every week. Bless her heart. But she lives to see another week as Marla Maples is announced as the mermaid who was voted off the island.

What did you think about Dancing with the Stars Disney week? Which was your favorite routine? Do you agree with my Keo and Jodie assessment? Sound off in the comments section!

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