Dancing with the Stars recap: The heat is on

Dancing with the Stars recap: Season 24, Episode 2:

There’s no time to dilly dally around in the ballroom this episode. Dancing with the Stars fans will have to wait for a kicky Mandy Moore opening number next week. This week, we have an elimination, a mysterious injury, and stars who just want to dance! Let’s get to it.

Nancy and Artem
“No Rights, No Wrongs” by Jess Glynne
As a former ice skating champion, Nancy has no problem working hard in order to nail her tricks. Artem is beside himself, because he has never had a partner who actually stood a chance at winning. That’s not the case with Nancy. And Artem has no problem telling her over and over again how G-R-E-A-T she is dancing. This sends Nancy behind a door where the camera picks up the muffled sounds of crying. Poor Nancy isn’t used to being complimented. We’ve all seen “The Cutting Edge.” We know how burly coaches from Russia bark out demands for the athletes to do it AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN.

Artem pretty much doesn’t care that Nancy is upset. His own Russian roots help him appear unfazed by the tears. She needs to suck it up and own her awesome talent. The end.

Even though Nancy is a little stiff (again, I think this is from her skating background), the woman can spin on a dime. And she can do the splits. Plus she looks super confident and comfortable in her hot pink sparkled fringe outfit. There was a rough ending where she almost fell and the unwise decision to drop large confetti from the ceiling (hint: tripping hazard), but she pulled it off.
Bruno’s Best Line: “Ahhhh! A vision! Pretty in pink!” (I’m not sure if he was talking about his own blazer or Nancy’s costume.)

Gleb and Erika
“Bad Intentions” by Niykee Heaton
Erika wants you to know that her raunchy salsa from last week was the perfect amount of sexy. It’s her personality and she’s not going to apologize for being amazing, or her big boobs. Also, she doesn’t need Gleb to like her. She just needs him to make her look good.

Gleb decides that in order to do that, he needs to borrow Erika’s Lamborghini, roll it out onto the stage, and pretend he’s a police man arresting her for bad behavior. Gleb looks great in his outfit. Erika looks a little Morticia Addams, but it worked. They swayed around the dance floor, like a perp and a cop would do, stopping only to admire each other’s bodies. Gleb stuck his nose in Erika’s cleavage on more than one ocassion. She ripped his shirt open somewhere in the middle. All of the judges thought she had great presence on the floor and perfect balance.
Bruno’s Best Line: “It was a sex trot on a hot set of wheels. Chain them up and spin them out.”

Charo and Keo
Paso Doble
“España Cañi” by Charo
Charo is passionate about everything. And it makes me extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know why, but I find myself muttering “no, no, no, no, no” when she dances. She’s a bit erratic and Keo is doing his best to keep her in line. She looked great in her red dress, but the single flower on the tip top of her head was an interesting choice. I’m sure it’s traditional paso doble garb, but I thought it looked awkward. Keo throws the woman down on the ground at the end of the piece. I trust she didn’t break a hip. How can she coochie coochie without that thrust movement? All in all, the crowd loved her and Tom only had to bring out security twice to keep her where she was supposed to be. OLÉ!
Bruno’s Best Line: “You were like a tornado in red taffeta.”

Nick and Peta
“Love Me Now” by John Legend
Nick and Peta are “adulting” together. That means that he’s trying to figure out how to be engaged while Peta is trying to figure out how to be a newborn’s mother. Life couldn’t be sweeter. Unfortunately, that sentiment couldn’t be translated to the ballroom floor. Nick was a hot mess. He screwed up several times in obvious ways. Peta looked irritated with him. His fiancé Vanessa cheered from the audience. I’m not sure if she’s ready for this fifteen minutes of fame to be up. Nick saving grace? The sweet teal-colored tuxedo inspired by the late ‘80s.
Bruno’s Best Line: “The definition of foxtrot is effortless ease. You were like a rabbit chasing a fox.”

Heather and Maks
“Grown” by Little Mix
Heather and Maks are kicking along when Maks screams and grabs his calf. We’re still not sure what happened. Any time he spoke about it, the injury was described in vague terms. What we do know is that he is out for the foreseeable future and Alan has come in from the bench. This does not bother Heather in the slightest. She wiggles into her tiny blue sparkly number and jives her butt off in a twirly ball of energy. Alan keeps up for the most part, until the JV lady dancers saunter out for a quick hip hop. Suddenly, we all witness a Beyoncé breakdown mid-performance. It was glorious. Len hated it. Surprise, surprise. Full disclaimer, I can’t blame him since a good chunk of the dance was not jive.
Bruno’s Best Line: “I love the jive with a glimpse from Brittany from Glee.”

Sharna and Bonner
Viennese Waltz
“Unlove You” by Jennifer Nettles
Bonner is excited to perform a “pretty dance with a pretty lady.” Sharna incorporates some Texas two-step into their Viennese Waltz and it is beautiful. Her pink dress was gorgeous. Bonner was elegant. The performance seemed to last thirty seconds, which left me wanting more. I think that’s a good thing. The judges praised the pair but their scores didn’t reflect the love. PS: Are Sharna and Bonner dating on the side? What do you think?
Bruno’s Best Line: “It was so sweet and touching. But don’t go woody.”

Sasha and Simonne
“Burnin’ Up” by Jessie J
Sasha makes it very clear to Simone that he doesn’t want cutesy gymnast in this routine. He wants sexy. She needs to commit to the steps and not just go through the motions. The wardrobe department sticks her in a teeny tiny gold number, slaps on some red lipstick, and she takes the floor. It was fast, furious, and fun. I didn’t love the humping the floor part, but the flip onto their feet (by BOTH dancers) was a neat surprise. Well done!
Bruno’s Best Line: “Smoldering Simone, you burned that floor. You set off all the fire alarms in the studio.”

Chris and Witney
“Hey Ya!” by OutKast
Bless Chris’ heart. He broke his neck fourteen years ago and had four surgeries. That’s clearly why he’s so stiff! His story made the cold hearted Witney cry, which is a miracle in itself. She vamped up her jazz number with a few JV dancers. They helped Chris off the stage, off the floor, into position. It was sad. I wish he had put in a few more years of physical therapy before agreeing to this. Because I believe he could have been good.
Best Bruno Line: “If this was a movie, it would achieve instant cult status.”

Normani and Val
“Give Me Your Love” by Sigala
Norman and Val joined Fifth Harmony during their headlining tour in Japan. They came back the day of the show, and the wardrobe people were cutting Normani’s fringe moments before she waltzed onto the stage. Then she proceeded to dance the crap out of her cha-cha-cha. Her yellow outfit was fierce and for the first time in the history of Dancing with the Stars, I didn’t concentrate on my beloved Val the entire time. That’s saying a lot. Normani is good and she is cute. I predict she’s a dark horse that will go far.
Bruno’s Best Line: “That was jet set!”

Emma and Rashad
Viennese Waltz
“Suffer” by Charlie Puth
I’m telling you, Rashad is another one people need to look out for. He’s SO TALENTED. And strong. His song was somber, so Emma asked him to think of something that makes him sad. Solution? Channeling a long-term relationship that ended in infidelity on his girlfriend’s part. Rashad is not afraid to be vulnerable. That coupled with the fact that he is elegant and can spin like Nancy Kerrigan? Watch out people. He slides at the end of the routine and then dips Emma to the ground. Then he picks her up from the floor with both hands and lifts her to his chest. Remarkable. And attractive.
Bruno’s Best Line: “It was fifty shades of Viennese Waltz.”

Mr. T and Kym
Paso Doble
“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
YES! I love that Kym put him in a boxing ring so they could fight to “Eye of the Tiger.” Sure he stands there and punches air, but it was fun. I can’t wait to see what she pulls in the future now that she’s used both his famous TV show and movie theme songs. Let the record show that I absolutely love that he practices in old man sweats.
Bruno’s Best Line: “It’s Mr. T-Rex. Big and dangerous.”

Lindsay and David
“Bust a Move” by Young MC
Lindsay and David had two very fast/fun dances in a row. That doesn’t bother me at all. What does bother me is that she camped them both out. In my opinion, she should have choreographed a straight cha-cha-cha without the pomp and circumstance lip syncing at the beginning. It took forever to get started, but when they got into it, I liked the dance. Also, how many of you were around in the ‘90s? Did you wear black sparkly panties to the parties? With thin gold chains down between your boobs? I was more of a Polo, braided belt, loafer type, myself.
Bruno’s Best Line: “It’s MC Gramps that rocks the cha-cha-cha 90s style.”

Chris and Charo were in the red light of doom. Except they didn’t have red light this year. I guess that made people feel self-conscious? Whatever. Chris was the one who was sent home. He started off with a bad attitude, but then softened a bit when Erin asked him how much he appreciated Witney. I think it was the best thing for the competition and Chris’ health.

What did you think? Did Chris deserve to go home before Mr. T? Are Sharna and Bonner dating? Did you wear panties in public during the ‘90s? Sound off in the comments section!

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