Dancing with a Bride and a Magician

The Offshore Technology Conference is this week. Translation: It’s 8:45 and I’m about to go to bed.

Therefore, my take on Sean’s most memorable moments from tonight’s episode will be short and sweet. Just like Tom Bergeron.

1. Sean rocked the white man overbite. Twice.
2. Peta wore a mullet bridal dress.
3. You can tell that Catherine is ready for her 15 minute of fame to be up.

1. Sean attempted jazz. It was special.
2. Sharna and Peta were his assistants. Straight of the Vegas floor show.
3. I liked his converse tennis shoes.

1. Zandaya dancing with BOTH Val and Gleb = luckiest girl in the entire world.
2. I’m pretty sure Jacoby’s fly was down during the fire paso doble dance.
3. Hearing Tristan talk makes me want to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms.

What do you guys think? Is Sean gone this week? Or is the Zagger returning to General Hospital? Sound off in the comment section!


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I am surprised he’s still on the show!!! How did he last this long!?! He must sell the secrets for future contestants LOL!


I’m sick of Sean, time to go!!! Missed Jacoby’s fly…


Sean is an awful dancer and needs to go, I am surprised he is still there. Only explanation is that ABC leaned on the judges to give him higher scores than he deserves.
Sean and Catherine seem to be enjoying the adulation and press they are getting in L.A. Read somewhere there is a boutique loaning outfits to Catherine each week for the shows. All of that will go away if and when they head back to Dallas and real life. That will be true test of their relationship.


Sean’s time is up. I’ll be sad if Ingo goes home instead. I can’t believe nobody has commented on those very special blue dropped-crotch harem pant-capris Sean was wearing in one of his rehearsals with Peta. They were hilarious!


Hoping Sean goes home today….and then stays out of the limelight. I cant believe how these Bachelor and Bachelorette people crave attention.


And….he’s out!!!


I keep wanting to not like Sean, but then I keep finding him kind of likeable. Although being on the show is kind of at odds with his statements that he doesn’t like the limelight, who wouldn’t take the chance to get paid while enjoying the benefit of have multiple weeks of dance lessons with highly accomplished professionals, if it was offered to you?

That having been said, he is a terrible dancer who improved a little over the weeks but not that much. It was past time for him to go. I think either Ingo or Jacoby will go next week (depending on whether soap opera or football fans are the more rabid voters) and the final will really come down to a very close race among Zendaya, Kellie and Aly. I probably like Kellie the best, individually, but I like Zendaya and Val best as a team, so that’s who I’m rooting for.


Sharing just in case you have not been able to see this awesomeness in the busyness of the conference. Jimmy Fallon & John Krasinski in a lip sync-off. Enjoy!


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