Dancing with a Shark

Five unexpected things I witnessed from Sean’s lifeguard inspired jive:

1. Sean got to second base with Peta in the first 10 seconds of the dance.


2. There was a cartwheel.
3. Sean explains his dancing as “awkward.” Amen Captain Obvious.
4. Bruno wants Sean to save him from a shark bite. Or he wants Sean to bite him. He has a thick accent, so either could be accurate.
5. Catherine matched Sean and Peta by wearing a yellow t-shirt and then made the universal hand sign for CALL NOW! With a total of 20, they’re going to need it.

Other notables:
1. Aly needs to put her boobs back in the sparkly ballroom attire.
2. A bra does not a blouse make Wy. Think of the Olympians who are watching you for guidance!
3. How awesome is Dorothy Hamil?
4. I heart Tristan MacManus. A lot.
5. I’m totally watching Splash.


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