Dancing with the Athletes

I’m not sure how I feel about this. We are one week away from Dancing with the Stars‘ mini season and I’m still wrestling with my emotions. On one hand, I whine because I’ve never heard of some of these people. On the other hand, that’s typically the case for a regular season of Dancing with the Stars, so what’s the big deal?

My boy Val isn’t anywhere to be found. That makes me sad. Is Gleb supposed to wear all the button-less black silky shirts by himself?

And part of me blames American Idol for this ripple in my spring ABC line-up. Are these athletes and pretty pros going to dance for a month? Or will this dip into Bachelorette territory come May 28?

Am I a little too stressed over dumb details? Yes.
Will I be watching? Yes.
Will I recap it? Absolutely.

Here’s a rundown of our contestants:

Adam Rippon with Jenna Johnson
Adam rocked the ice skating rink in the last Olympics. He’s known for his candor and wit, which should make Johnny Weir very nervous. Adam is considered to be an artistic genius and most of the Twitterverse loves him. If Adam doesn’t come off as a condescending jerk and really supports the other athletes like he did during the Olympics, he will win. Mark my words.

Arike Ogunbowale with Gleb Savchenko
She’s a baby child basketball wunderkind. I’m not sure she will make it for two reasons: 1) I doubt viewers will know her. 2) Gleb needs a few more seasons under his belt to create better choreography. That might be sad, but it feels true.

Chris Mazdzer with Witney Carson
Chris is the first ever American athlete to win a medal in the luge. He is darling cute and has former champion Witney as a partner. If Adam doesn’t go the distance, I’d keep my eye on Chris.

Jamie Anderson with Artem Chigvintsev
I think Jamie is gorgeous and an outstanding snowboarder. Something tells me that she’s not going to be naturally artistic or dance minded. I may be wrong, but since she’s partnered with Artem, I feel that Jamie is probably middle-of-the-road. Otherwise, I think they would have teamed her with Alan.

Jennie Finch Daigle with Keo Motsepe
Jennie is a softball beast. If Keo musters up some personality on the stage, and owns his position as a pro dancer, she will be in the running IF she proves to be flexible and graceful.

Johnny Damon with Emma Slater
If I had to guess, I’d say Johnny is not a natural dancer. What I do know is that he’s a likable guy. He will have the sweetness and “awe shucks” attitude that we saw Lindsay Arnold have with David Ross. Not the greatest dancer, but huge audience appeal. Don’t forget, David got second place that year…

Josh Norman with Sharna Burgess
I’d say Josh is probably going to surprise people with his finesse. Football players always surprise their pros with their natural dance ability. Sharna is due for a win, but I still think the ice skaters have the upper hand. Or upper blade.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with Lindsay Arnold
Darling Kareem is 71-years-old. I find him delightful. I think his age and huge height difference with his partner are going to make things awkward. But he will be charming as all get out. Lindsay will choreograph fun routines for him, but he won’t win. And he’ll be okay with that, I’m sure.

Mirai Nagasu with Alan Bersten
She’s an ice skater. A female ice skater. Mirai is the obvious lead for the female contestants, PLUS she has Alan as a partner. He’s practically a Chmerkovskiy brother. My gut says it’s her or Adam.

Tonya Harding with Sasha Farber
I am here for every moment of this. Good, bad, ugly. LET’S DO THIS!

First, will you be watching? And if so, who are you rooting for?

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2 years ago

I only know two of these people: Kareem and Tonya. Not sure I am going to like this season for that reason, but I know me. I will be watching anyway. Let’s Salsa!!!

2 years ago

I don’t know lots of these people. Uh oh lol Mirai and Adam can’t wait to see! Interested to see Tonya Harding again!

2 years ago

well I raised sons so I spend a lot more time watching espn over the years than Hollywood so I am beyond excited. Johnny Damon! So excited, my sons loved him when he was with the Royals and we have a friend that was on the team with him and thought he was a great guy. the other hand , he is a baseball player…. I raised baseball players, not exactly the best dancers. haha .

2 years ago

My money is on the ice skaters and the football player. Kareem, bless his heart. Of course I’ll be watching but this season seems off, hoping not be disappointed. Let’s rhumba!

2 years ago

I agree completely that Adam will win! IF he keeps his same attitude from the Olympics , and that’s a big IF. Also, forgive me if you already saw and blogged about I, Tonia. But it is a fantastic movie everyone should see before judging Tonia on Dancing. ( Great soundtrack too! )

2 years ago

Oops, Tonya.

2 years ago

Yes. This season is only 4 weeks. There will be a double elimination each week. I totally blame the reboot of American Idol for this travesty. I don’t know anyone who wanted American Idol to come back. Of course I will be watching. It will be interesting to see an all athletes season. The figure skaters have an edge I think since performing is part of their sport.

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