Dancing with the Fog

Other than an unfortunate “solo” at the end, the biggest shocker of the night was the fact that I LIKED THIS DANCE! Sean’s mad skills are actually growing on me! Here’s a list of five unexpected things I witnessed from his feathery Viennese waltz:

1. I think the fog was a smart way to disguise bad footwork.  Peta in the Mist was pretty cool too.


2. Sean picks up Peta like she weighs 12 pounds. I’m adding that skill to my dating bucket list.
3. He looks good in lavender. He’d look better shirtless.
4. I love Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up.”
5. Sean pulled Peta across the floor while she was down in the splits. I think I can totally do that.

Other notables:
1. Victor’s back tat is sweet.
2. Mark Ballas suffers from Baby Talk Syndrome.
3. Zendaya suffers from Adorablitis.
4. Val is my favorite Chmerkovskiy.
5. If Chris Harrison wasn’t in my life, Tom Bergeron would be my preferred host.


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