Dancing with Your Fiance. Sort of.

Peta insisted that Sean practice with his bride-to-be Catherine this week on Dancing with the Stars due to the fact that they would be performing the rumba.  The rumba is the dance of love and Peta and Sean have about as much chemistry as I have with He Who Must Not Be Named.  It wasn’t weird until Peta shimmied up behind Catherine and practically felt her boobs to show Sean how it’s done.  It was a very “Penny teaches Baby how to merengue in front of Johnny to Hungry Eyes.” It’s obvious that Catherine has more chemistry with Peta than Sean.  The dance was okay, but I ended up missing Patrick Swayze more than anything.

Other Notables
– Val and Zendaya are my favorites.
– Someone tell Ally and Kellie to stop puckering their lips.
– Does Mark Ballas annoy anyone else just a little bit?
– The tiny blonde chick from So You Think You Can Dance is darling.

What did you think? Is Sean gone this week or will Andy Dick finally get the boot? Are you rooting for Zendaya or Kellie? Do you wish Tristan had more air time? Shirtless air time? ME TOO!


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