Dirty Harry, Jr.

I had to get this up before the weekend.  Upon reading my previous post, three IHGB readers (Ann, 94 Ag and Kellie) all suggested that Clint Eastwood’s son should be on my next “what’s making me smile” list.


I have to say, they are all right.

Which brings me to the reader gratitude portion of my post.

THANK YOU FOR CLUING ME IN DEAR READERS!  Just like the time y’all convinced me to partake in the CW wonder that is “Hart of Dixie,” I will never take it for granted that you have your finger on the pulse of pop culture.  Thank you for keeping me in the loop and providing me with yet another hot guy picture to send to my friend Amy when I want to make sure her day is bright and cheery.

Please.  Let me know if there’s anything/anyone else I’m missing!  Send links, post comments, Tweet me…whatever.


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