Do not fret

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In light of recent events in Charleston, I didn’t feel like posting a funny entry. Then I looked at my monthly schedule and saw that I had already written today’s post. I humbly thanked the Lord, knowing the He had planned this entry long before last night’s tragic act. I hope it makes you stop and think.

A few weeks ago, I was extremely irritated with someone. Let the record show that I had every right to feel discarded and disrespected. That gross feeling of “SERIOUSLY RUDE PERSON?” consumed me.

The anxiousness continued to grow as the days passed. I’m pretty much the opposite of confrontational. You can imagine the delightful ulcer I developed, wondering when this feeling was going to go away.

My Bible study proved to be a gift from the good Lord one Wednesday. It was like a soothing coat of Pepto-Bismol going down. (Run with me on this analogy, okay?) The task was simple: Choose a Psalm and write down all of the commands or action words.

I chose Psalm 37. These are just a handful of the commands I read:

Do not fret
Trust in the Lord
Delight yourself in the Lord
Do good
Be still
Wait patiently
Do not fret
Refrain from anger
Hope in the Lord
Turn from evil
Speak what is just
Wait for the Lord

A 40-verse Psalm contains 24 commands, three of which are “do not fret.”

I stared at that phrase, among the other noble commands, and realized that I was fretting. I was reading God’s Word. I was reading truth. Right there in black and white, verses one, seven and eight instructed me not to fret. Three times in one chapter. SO WHY AM I FRETTING SO MUCH?!

I decided to cease and desist from unnecessary fretting. I swallowed my pride, summoned some courage and I called the person so we could get everything out in the open. And it was a glorious exercise. At least it was for me. I’m pretty sure the other person had no idea he had inadvertently burned a hole in the lining of my stomach.

Wisdom is a powerful tool. How many people do you think would choose different paths if they had the knowledge and strength to “trust in the Lord” and “wait patiently” and “turn from evil?” How many people are ever exposed to these Biblical truths? And if they have heard of Jesus, do they believe that He can rescue them from dire situations?

That’s where we come in.

I want to be a light that shines in the darkness. I want to be a beacon of hope in times of despair. I want to trust Him, even when life doesn’t make sense.

Do not fret. He’s got this.


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