Do NOT mess with Hare Roz. Or you’ll have ME to deal with.

My dear readers,

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your sweet messages and well wishes about the passing of my uncle. I wanted to write a proper post about him, but I just haven’t been able to stir up the energy to write something that will honor his memory. I am overwhelmed by the support of perfect strangers and feel so loved by the outpouring of love from so many people. Thanks again.

Now…on with the mini recap!

In keeping with my WTA tradition, I will be bringing you one of my famous Top 10 lists. I call this one:

Top 10 Things We Learned During Women Tell All Wings of Love Edition

1.  The two hour episode could have been cut to about 30 minutes of dirt we didn’t know coming in to the show.

2.  The Bachelor Pad show looks like a frat party for 30-somethings. There will be drunken orgies, Kiptynite’s abs, Natalie the bear lover and apparently He Who Must Not Be Named will be counting nipples. I know. I don’t get it either. But did I mention that Kiptynite’s abs will be there?

3.  Some of the old Bachelors and Bachelorettes give back to the community. Eighty percent of the guys and girls we don’t remember, but one thing we do know — Hip Hop Mikey Michael is still adorable. And DDAHnna is going after elementary kids now. How sad.

4.  The girls think that Tenley dreams in cartoons and fell out of a Disney movie. Gia put it the best when she told the camera that Tenley probably sh*t rainbows. I had to rewind the DVR because I was laughing so hard.

5.  Moment number one when Hare was awesome:
Elizabeth: “I wanted him to pursue me.”
Hare: “But you toyed with him.”
Elizabeth: “I know. I felt pretty stupid after watching the show.”
Hare: “You are never as cool as you think you are.”

6.  Biggest Jim Halpert Moment
Michelle: “I don’t need a therapist. I am stable.”
Valishia: “Maybe you are a little unstable.”

7.  Answer Roz’s lawyers told her to memorize: “Absolutely not.”

8.  Lamest thing to come out of Jake’s mouth: “My heart was crying when I let Gia go.”

9.  SHUT UP if Our Host Chris Harrison is singing WINGS OF LOVE!

10.  Hare asks Jake if he is happy with his decision. Jake answers that he is happy. Not with his decision, but that he’s happy. Could our winged Bachelor be pulling a Womack this season?

We shall find out next week!


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