Don’t tease me ABC…

It never fails. Every time I have a work trip that drops me in a remote location which boasts little to no communication methods (other than interviewing the dude who was lucky enough to schlep me around the entire state of North Dakota in his F150), the entertainment world explodes with a life-changing announcement.

No, I’m not talking about Gale proposing to Hanna Montana. I’m talking about CLICK HERE.

Once I returned to the greater metropolitan of Williston, my phone blew up with texts, Facebook messages, tweets, phone calls and emails letting me know that my beloved Roberto was being considered as the next bachelor.

I immediately began to perspire and my throat became sort of thick thinking about the possibility of the inevitable episode one “getting to know you” b-roll package that includes a montage of Roberto throwing a baseball, running shirtless on a beach and so-help-me-Lord infamous shower scene as he talks about being ready to finally find true love. Then I took a few deep breaths and a step back.

Let’s take a realistic look at the facts. Yes I take full credit for wishing this into existence. Also, I’m sure that my “I miss Roberto” shout outs were somehow factored into a focus group session somewhere in Hollywood to prove that he has a fan base.

In order to not jinx possibly the best decision ABC ever made, I’m choosing to refrain from shouting from the rooftops. At this time, I’ll smile quietly on the inside. While filling out an online application.


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