Dr Pepper Finalist: The Men of October

Dr Pepper and cute boy lovers of young and old! I’d like for you to meet the October “Cute Boys And Dr Pepper” finalists!

1. The Graves Boys

Aren’t they darling? Brothers Kevin (12) and Charley (17) are from Plano, Texas and they appear to love each other, don’t they? Had this been me and my sister, I’m sure she would have choked me in a head lock the minute the photo was snapped, thereby forcing me to spew my Dr Pepper all over the kitchen floor. But not the Graves Boys. They are good boys. CUTE boys!

2. IHGB Reader Cari’s son Mase

Attaboy sweet Mase! Drink it down my friend. I can’t believe your Mama is giving you an entire two liter of Dr Pepper before bed, but I can appreciate it just the same. I guess that’s how people roll in Waco. He’s probably a VIP member of the Dr Pepper Museum. CUTE!

3. Will

Wow. Will went above and beyond. Not only did his sister send in a pic of a cute boy with a Dr Pepper, but she included him purchasing said Dr Pepper from the cute Dr Pepper guy, wearing a sweet Dr Pepper t-shirt in front of a cool Dr Pepper cart at Berkeley College! CLASSIC!

4. IHGB Reader Bailey’s son Gabriel

Sweet little Gabriel is from Pearland, Texas. I hope his Mom Bailey sends in a picture of Gabe when she finally breaks his death grip away from that diet/caffeine free concoction and lets him drink the REAL stuff. Still…he certainly does meet the criteria of the contest. SO CUTE!

5. Facebook Friend/IHGB Reader Erica’s boyfriend Eric

First off, how cute is it that Eric is dating Erica? I can imagine them walking along Discover Park (where I’m told this was taken in Seattle, Washington). Eric is just about to polish off his Diet DP and Erica begs him to pose so she can send in a picture to this ridiculous little website she reads. Eric rolls his eyes and gives in….because he loves Erica. I wonder if she’s going to tell him that he’s on the world wide web now where complete strangers have the power to land him a year’s supply of Diet Dr Pepper? Regardless…how cute is he?

Okay readers. Here’s how it’s going down. Feel free to email me, Facebook me or comment in the comment section on who you think should win a year’s supply of Dr Pepper. I will take it all into consideration and then have a panel decide.

We will be doing this MONTHLY until this time next year. Don’t worry if your picture isn’t in October…it may be in an upcoming post!

For those of you who haven’t sent in your super creative photo that you’ve been promising me for months…GET ON IT. And I’m going to need you guys to up your game, because a reader out there sent me a pic of a former Bachelor with a Dr Pepper.

Do you realize that we could have a sub-genre of the Dr Pepper category that included old Bachelors?

Now that’s just warms my heart.

The October winner will be announced either Saturday or Sunday. SOUND OFF BELOW!


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