Dr Pepper Finalists: The Men of December

It’s that time again dear readers! The December “Cute Boys and Dr Pepper” finalists are HERE. It’s a very busy holiday season, so let’s get to it…

1. Santa Baby

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I’ve been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

Meet Blake, Brett and Brandon…brothers from Houston, Texas. Something tells me IHGB reader Melissa asked for a little more than Dr Pepper under her Christmas tree. She got three handsome boys! Oh to be the girl standing under the mistletoe at this party…

2. He’s a Pepper

How cute is Luke from Lufkin? From the looks of that huge grin on his face, he is indeed a Pepper. Can’t you hear him?  “I love Dr Pepper THIIIIIIS much!”  His Mom Allyson took this picture when the family visited the Dr Pepper Museum after a Baylor Homecoming game. (Sic ’em) I love that she told me her kids were BESIDE themselves when they heard that they would be returning to Waco for a Bears game this year and INSISTED they visit the coolest place on earth. Here’s hoping little Luke got to keep that awesome cup.

3. Might As Well Jump

I can picture it now. Damon asks Jimmy if he wants to go camping in Colorado. Jimmy says, “Sounds fun.” Damon tells Jimmy that he reads this awesome website called iHateGreenBeans and this darling girl is holding a Dr Pepper contest. Jimmy is intrigued. Damon suggests they forgo underwear and granola bars so they can have room to shove a few bottles of Dr Pepper in their backpacks. Jimmy is on board. While hiking in the Rocky Mountains, they find the perfect rock and background for their photo. Ready. Set. JUMP! I’d like to take this time to point out that this is the website’s first airborne submission. Well done boys. Well done.

4. Jolly Good Time

Meet nine-year-old Samuel. He’s from England…the home of Shakespeare, royal weddings and Harry Potter. But from what I understand, Dr Pepper and The Bachelor are pretty hard to come by in this jolly good country. I blame the Queen Mum. Sweet Sammy wants to revel in the wonder that is Dr Pepper and his wise mother has “limited soda” rules. According to her email submission, Sam can’t wait to turn 18 so he can move out and drink all the Dr Pepper he wants and play video games all night long. Poor Mom gave in and took this picture of his very first taste of Dr Pepper. I’m both stoked for Samuel that he finally got to drink the best carbonated beverage ever and feel a little sad that he’ll have to wait months and months from now for the next special occasion to have another sip. Bottom line? Totally worth it Sammy. Welcome to the dark side.

5. Mission Impossible

When I first thought of introducing the Dr Pepper contest, photos like the one above often popped into my head. I thought it would be so funny if women all over the world sneakily took pictures of totally hot strangers and submitted with embarrassment and glee to my humble website. IHGB reader Jennifer from Georgia is clearly stealthy. She stepped beyond traditional boundaries. Who cares if her subject isn’t holding/drinking a Dr Pepper? SHE HAS PRIORITIES! The shirtless man in her back yard must be photographed. “Pay no attention to me, Hot Guy chopping wood. I’m merely standing here taking a picture of this Dr Pepper can.” As it turns out, this is Jennifer’s husband who was reluctant to take a posed photo. Clearly telling Jen’ “no” is just a way for her to stretch her creative wings in finding an alternate solution.

Okay! You all know the drill. Vote for your favorites in the comment section, via email or Facebook. Dr Pepper peeps and I will make a decision and the winner will be announced on December 26.

Merry Christmas my dear readers! May God bless you…every one.


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