Dr Pepper Finalists: The Men of November

I have to admit that was blown away by our first round of Dr Pepper finalists.  The voting for our cute October boys was AMAZING!  I had no idea readers/commenters/voters would be so passionate.  I did not expect there to be campaigns, voting rallies, fortune cookie paraphernalia and political messages storming friends and family on Facebook.

Obviously, I loved it.  Clearly, Dr Pepper is awesome and stirs a raw emotion inside those of us who enjoy its 23 delicious flavors.

With that said, I wish the finalists of November all the luck in the world.  Here they are!

1. Garrett of Wylie, Texas

Okay. This is all sorts of awesome. First, I love that young Garrett is double fisting the Dr Pepper. He means business. Second, I choose to believe that his eyes were closed due to the pure satisfaction of drinking the glorious beverage. I totally relate.

2. Jaden of Tulsa, Oklahoma

I received this note from IHGB reader Kelly:
“This is my husband Jaden. He’s a high school drumline instructor, middle school history teacher and a huge fan of Dr Pepper. He’s my personal hottie.”

How cute is THAT?! I love that she calls him a hottie and I love that I posted it for the world to know! She loves her husband probably more than he loves Dr Pepper. That’s true love people. PS: I heart band geeks.

3. Daniel of Rockford, Michigan

Love it.  I love that the Dr Pepper cans/lone bottle are in various stages of disarray.  I love that Daniel appears to be rocking out in front of a rather large Philips sound system in the middle of a green hula hoop.  I love his grin that says, “Fire up Harry Connick, Jr.’s version of Danny Boy and let’s have one more for the road.”

4. Nicolas of Rhode Island

Obviously from his classic taste in graphic tees, this young man is a trend setter.  Nicolas is probably thinking that everyone will bringing brown paper sack lunches to school except on pizza day.  In order for him to maintain is impeccable social status in the cafeteria, he must go above and beyond and sport the epitome of cool when it comes to lunchware.  Ergo, the Dr Pepper lunch box.  It’s old school.  It’s trendy.  It’s Dr Pepper.  Well done young squire.

5. Pierce of Healdsburg, California

I just can’t handle this adorable little guy! He is so blissfully happy! And why shouldn’t he be? Home boy is chugging a Dr Pepper. Did you see Despicable Me? Remember the little girl’s reaction when the Despicable Guy won a unicorn? She yelled, “It’s just so fluffyyyyyyyyyy!”

That’s what I imagine Pierce saying to whomever is stage right. “It’s just so yummyyyyyyyyy!” Precious.

Feel free to email me, Facebook me or comment in the comment section on who you think should win a year’s supply of Dr Pepper. A panel decide the winner.

We will be doing this MONTHLY until this time next year. Don’t worry if your picture isn’t in November…it may be in an upcoming post! I’m still taking submissions, so feel free to send in your photos if you haven’t already.

The November winner will be announced Monday.

Good luck! Let the campaigning begin!


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