Soundtrack of My Life: He is Risen!

I was with my Bible study group last week and somehow we wandered off, like our ancestors in the desert, and landed on the topic of playlists. Discussing Peter’s books will do that to you.

I casually mentioned that I had an Easter playlist and several heads whipped around and demanded that I share said Easter playlist immediately. Oddly enough, they didn’t really care about my colonoscopy playlist, or the one I made to musically depict Arie’s season of The Bachelor. There was some interest when I disclosed that I had not one, but two Valentine’s Day selections. I have one if you are excited about love and another if you are irritated with love.

I’m very creative.

When I think of Easter growing up in Hallsville, I think of the entire Walker/Dorsey clan gathering in Noonday Cemetery for a sunrise service. Gathering in a cemetery makes sense if you think about it. Yes, it’s weird, but it makes sense.

I also think of fancy, flowery dresses that were undoubtedly hand-me-downs from either my friend Carmen, my other friend Caroline, or my cousin friend Stephanie. Luckily these girls’ moms had PHENOMENAL taste. I would rock a Gunne Sax with aplomb. Of course my winter coat would cover it up because sunrise services are chilly.

But I knew what was on the inside. And I felt fabulous. I may have worn a bonnet.

The cry of, “HE IS RISEN!” was always followed by an enthusiastic, “HE IS RISEN, INDEED!” We would sing, “Up From the Grave He Arose,” “He’s Alive,” and “Old Rugged Cross” by my relatives’ headstones. Again, it made sense, but was really weird.

Then we would go home, eat ham and deviled eggs, wait patiently for the adults to finish servings of Mama’s chocolate pie, and run outside to hunt “things” because Mama didn’t like us to hunt eggs.

Remember that scene in Gilmore Girls where Kirk forgets where he hid some of the boiled eggs during Easter and the entire town smells rotten for weeks? That’s a real thing.

Therefore, we hunted money. How cool is that? All of the adults would contribute whatever they wished to part with from their purses or pockets and different denominations would go into plastic eggs. There may have been some non-melting candy in a few of those. You know, for the babies who hunted. But the big kids scoured acres of land to see which cousin would go home with the most money.

Oddly, the tradition petered out over the years. I’m lobbying hard that we reboot the money egg. I could use a little change.

One thing that Mama did do for my sister and I every year was an Easter basket. Of course Linea Ray would never put chocolate in a basket. (Have you read chapter one of my book?) Don’t feel sorry for us. Each and every Easter we received a new pair of roller skates.

Life doesn’t get better than that.

I may not wear the fancy dress, or whip around in Care Bear skates, or tiptoe through a cemetery at the break of dawn every year like I used to. Nevertheless, one thing does remain: The Easter playlist.

I give you four hours of “HE IS RISEN” goodness for you to enjoy this year. Happy Easter!


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I agree!


Love this list! I think at least half are on my Easter songlists too! And I love the sound of Easter morning walking to Mass. lots of “He is Risen!” “Risen Indeed!”

Happy Easter


Happy Easter Kellie!

King Amy
King Amy

I shouldn’t be, but I am so surprised how many songs are on this Easter Playlist! I guess when theres a reason to celebrate, people write a song 🙂


Absolutely they do!


I love it!!!! I have a Christian playlist on Spotify of most of my favorite contemporary Christian songs. It currently has 91 songs…my Country Favorites has 138 songs. I know. Don’t judge. God is still working on me 🙂


Personally, you had me at the PEEPS picture!
In Christ Alone: I’m usually doing the ugly cry by the time we sing,
“No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From a life’s first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man
Could ever pluck me from His hand
Til He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I stand”

And to round out your list to an even 50, try an oldie – Dallas Holm singing “Rise Again”


Me too on the ugly cry! And Dallas Holm – classic!


Thanks Lincee! Seeing your play list makes me want to look up those songs and hear them again right now. I love Glorious Day, Hosanna we sang last week at my church, love that too along with Forever (I could listen that for hours…), the Great I Am and this older song called Watch the Lamb. Have a wonderful, thankful Easter Weekend.