Embrace the tulle. It’s part of your heritage.

This past Friday, I asked my sister what my niece was going to be for Halloween.  Naturally, Jamie felt tremendous pressure to come up with something creative enough for our wack-a-doo family.  She asked if I had any ideas.  Balloon Boy came to mind, but I knew we couldn’t find enough aluminum foil in the short amount of time we had before the big day.  We’re talking 48 hours people.

Finally, I suggested the only thing I knew that would work under the time crunch.

Lincee:  “We could recycle my costume from last year if you are interested.”

Jamie:  “I was hoping you’d say that.”

A few snips, tucks and modifications, and we were ready for trick-or-treating.

Copy of 046

Her face is red and splotchy because she HATED the tulle.  She pitched the biggest fit of her life when we plopped her into the bath tub.  Thank the Lord for that rubber ducky. 

My Mother and I kept telling her that if she expects to be a treasured member of this family, she better get used to tulle.  And sequins.  And fringe.  And movie musicals.  And large bows on her bald head.

Because that is who we are.  Embrace it Addison.  It’s in your blood.


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