I Hate Green Beans Podcast 16: Fall TV 2017

It’s almost time! The fall TV 2017 grid is looking good, don’t you think? Lara and I discuss what shows we are excited to see return, which shows we are binging, and if there are any new shows worth watching.

First of all, I’d like to thank Knox and Jaime over at the Popcast for producing an awesome show depicting what they are watching this fall season. I adore those two and have no idea what shows they are talking about because I tend to lean toward the CW verses the Handmaid’s Tale. They are normal adults. I am not.

I have problems, I know, that’s why I stick to network television.

Of course, Outlander (on Starz) is an exception to the rule. This is why:

Jamie Fraser Fall TV 2017

Hello Mr. Fraser.

I think I also need to remind everyone that the show Poldark is on PBS. Since Downton Abbey is no longer on the air, we have a tendency to forget what great shows are on this channel. Shows with folks who look like this:

Poldark Fall TV 2017

Hello Mr. Poldark.

I know this looks like I have a thing for rugged men with raggedy locks. That is a true statement.

Lara gives an RIP shout-out to Pitch and we both agree that Jess and Nick’s kiss is still one of the best in TV kissing history. And if you have no idea what clips we are talking about when we mention our favorite parts from This Is Us, you can watch them HERE and HERE.

Also, check out a longer post about more shows I’m excited to watch in the fall by clicking HERE.

Enjoy the podcast!

Photo By: NBC.com


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