February Dr Pepper finalists

Yes. It’s March 3 and I’m just now posting Dr Pepper pics. My bad.

It is with great pleasure and deepest pride that I now present to you the February finalists:

1. OBU Tiger John Brian

According to JB’s aunt who submitted this picture, John Brian is a senior at Oauchita Baptist University in Arkansas. He’s in the OBU band and had just come off the field from his halftime saxophone solo performance of a Dave Matthews song. If a kid jazzing out on his sax to Dave Matthews on the 50-yard-line isn’t cool, I don’t know what is anymore. Go Tigers!

2. James of Baton Rouge, LA

James’ mom Allison submitted this picture along with one of her and Tim Riggins (who will be making an appearance in Hall of Fame in the near future.) If you can get beyond that crazy awesome grin, you’ll see that James prefers to enjoy his beverage in the comfort of the bathroom. I feel you James. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And you might as well take the Dr Pepper with you. Adorable.

3. Party in da Club

IHGB reader Kyle challenged a few of his Tomball, Texas Young Life kids to come up with a “cute boy and Dr Pepper” pose and this was the result. I can’t decide which is more charming…the bandanas, the hands on the faces or the crossed ankles. Well done Tomball. Well done.

4. A Few of My Favorite Things

David from Houston makes it look easy. I can hear the picture taker now: “Hot guy? Check. 12 oz. can of DP? Check. Adorable puppy? Check. Alright! Let’s take this picture and win a life-time supply of Dr Pepper, shall we?”

5. Little Ben

CAN’T CONTROL THE CUTE FACTOR! Good thing his Mom Julie from New Jersey was feeling particularly creative when she took this photo because I’m told she made the Dr Pepper onesie herself! So fun! She also mentioned that if little Ben could talk, he’d tell me that he hates green beans too. Love him.

Okay! There you have it. You know the rules. Vote in the comment section, on Facebook or send me an email. I will announce the winners on Sunday! Good luck everyone!


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