‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

Like everyone else, I had high expectations for the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. For me, the show has always been about a script that digs into relationships by using fast talking dialog and pop culture references. Winter, spring, summer and fall, I would be there to escape my hectic life in lieu of the cozy arms of Luke’s Diner and a twinkling gazebo in Stars Hollow. I had a plan for my watching experience. Embrace the wacky townsfolk. Finally decide if Dean, Jess or Logan is right for Rory. Bask in the glory that is Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop. Commit six hours to the process. Feel sad that it’s over, again, but ultimately satisfied that the Gilmore Girls revival happened in the first place.

Some of that happened. Some of it didn’t.

  • I may have teared up when Rory and Lorelai hugged in the opening scene at the gazebo.
  • I may have been disappointed that there wasn’t an updated theme song montage set to Carole King’s “Where You Lead.”
  • In my opinion, Winter and Fall were the best episodes. May I also point out that these were the two Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote. (Her husband wrote the other two.)
  • I felt Emily and Lorelai’s pain and confusion over Richard’s death.
  • I believe Emily’s story arc was heartbreaking and completely believable. Her life was Richard. The hole in her heart forced her to figure out who Emily Gilmore is without Richard by her side. Berta and her extended family did a good job filling that void.
  • Emily wearing jeans = Yes.
  • Emily blowing up at the DAR meeting = YES!
  • That phone call Lorelai makes in the desert to Emily proves why Lauren Graham deserves some sort of acting award. Bonus: It redeemed the unnecessary Wild storyline that made my pointer finger itchy to fast forward.
  • Town meetings in Stars Hollow are just as fun as before.
  • Was Bootsy the newspaper guy a character in past seasons? Did I forget him?
  • Taylor, Kirk and Babette haven’t changed a bit.
  • Miss Patty has!
  • Well hello there, Mr. Kim. Where have you been?
  • Lane never ages. She should sell skincare products and watch the money roll in.
  • I don’t think Rory would have boxes containing the contents of her life scattered across multiple houses. I can sort of buy her adopting a drifter lifestyle, going where the story leads, but the Rory I thought I knew would have carefully labeled boxes in a climate-controlled storage unit like a grown adult.
  • Speaking of adult behavior, Rory is secretly seeing Logan. Plus, he has a French fiancée. This highly irritates me. Didn’t young Rory learn her lesson when she slept with a married Dean all those years ago? This can not end well. There’s never any mention of love between the two of them. She’s just a vagabond who flies into London on occasion to shack-up with her college beau. What happens in the chateau stays in the chateau. Logan isn’t hiding his pending marriage from her either. This is when I started to really worry about our Rory.
  • Don’t get me started on her actual boyfriend who is dismissed throughout all four seasons. It’s a running gag that Rory, Lorelai and Luke conveniently “forget” that Paul is an actual human being. I did not think this was funny. Especially since Rory has been skirting around his back for the better part of a year. BREAK UP WITH HIM ALREADY.
  • AND GET WITH JESS ALREADY. First of all, I’ve never been on anyone’s team when it came to Rory’s boyfriends. I think Amy did a great job molding these three characters into plausible men for Rory. Dean is sweet and kind. Jess is the intellectual bad boy. Logan is the passionate adventurer with mountains of cash. After watching the revival, I whole heartedly land on Team Jess. He manages to scrape away all the insecurities, masks and walls Rory puts up to speak directly to her tender heart and smarty pants brain. Jess has grown into a responsible, compassionate, hard-working man who still loves to read and apparently likes to work out on ocassion. Milo Ventimiglia’s facial expression when he looks at her through the window says it all.
  • Disclaimer: Jess tells Rory to “write your story.” She considers this for a hot second and then proceeds to take his advice. They belong together. [Hey Jess, I’m still free. Take a chance on me?]
  • Disclaimer 2: I really felt bad when Jess walked away from the Gilmore house. I wanted them to end up together. Then I thought, “Well, at least he has Mandy Moore.” If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to stop reading this post and start watching This Is Us right now. It won’t hurt my feelings.
  • Jared Padalecki is so tall and cute. I’m glad he and Rory had a corn starch moment. I’m also happy that after all these years, she told him that he was the sweetest boyfriend and because of him, she knows what it means to feel safe. Perfect tribute to Dean.
  • Logan, Logan, Logan.
  • Here’s hoping this was the last jaunt of the Life & Death Brigade. Do they travel with their own costumes and smoke machines?
  • Do you know what else I never have to see again? The Stars Hollow Musical. Why did it have to be 13 minutes long?
  • They should have aired snippets of each song and then let Sutton Foster do her thing with that last emotional number.
  • Paris has always rubbed me the wrong way, but I appreciate her purpose is to spread friction and tension. Her scene in the bathroom where she kicks the door shut was one of my favorite moments from the entire series. I liked seeing her vulnerable. I also liked seeing her with kids, even though she sent them up to be with the nanny five seconds after greeting them. I wish she and Doyle were together.
  • Oooober.
  • I love Michel.
  • I loved the Parenthood cameos.
  • Sookie was not Sookie to me. She was Melissa McCarthey doing Sookie. Does that make sense?
  • I’m going to try stress tapping to see if it works.
  • My eyes stuck in a permanent state of roll when April entered the picture.
  • I love that Paul Anka is still alive and still weird.
  • Luke and Lorelai’s wedding felt right in some ways and spotty in others. I wanted Sookie and Emily to be there. The gazebo was perfect. The musical track was appropriate. Seeing Emily cover Berta’s family with blankets and sit outside by herself was sad. Rory seemed to phone it in. Was she tired? Was she irritated? Was she distracted?
  • Nope. She’s pregnant. Is it Logan’s baby or the one-night-stand Wookie’s baby? Will we ever know?

What are your thoughts on the Gilmore Girls revival? Am I totally off on some of these? Did you expect those last four words to be those last four words? Let’s discuss!


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