Giving Thanks

When I was in Rwanda this time last year, I went on a gorilla trek. The guide told us that if we happen to find ourselves in a “compromised situation” with one of these fascinating creatures, we were to submit completely by sprawling out onto the ground to make ourselves lower than the aggressor. According to the guide, this RARELY happens.

You can imagine my surprise when I pivoted from a crouched position (while taking pictures of an adorable baby) to find myself face-to-face with a female gorilla (click here!). Instead of slowly lowering myself, I slowly grabbed my camera and snapped a shot that I’m convinced could win awards.


When I think about that day, I’m intrigued by how that moment is a perfect picture to what my relationship with God looks like on a daily basis. So many times, I know that the Lord wants me to be still, listen and humbly wait. Instead I take control, often complain and struggle with what little patience I have. That is why I adopted John 3:30 as my life verse for 2013:

“He must become greater. I must become less.”

For a control freak/people pleaser like me, that was a pretty lofty goal. In the midst of attending way too many live concerts, getting a stamp from Singapore in my passport, wisely upgrading to the iPhone 5 and FINALLY finding the perfect pair of brown boots, the Lord has slowly been working on my heart this year. As I sat down to write this Thanksgiving letter, I reflected on what I’ve learned. These are the truths I’ve discovered during my pursuit to becoming less:

  • Pray.  All the time.
  • Trust Christ.
  • Stay strong.
  • Boldly come and then surrender completely.
  • Do not worry about tomorrow. That is a command.
  • Faith steps out confidently.
  • If I feel low, it’s time to drop even lower to my knees.
  • Learn from where you have been.
  • We were made by God, for God. Until we understand this, life will probably never make any sense.
  • There is nothing I can do to separate me from the love of Christ. Nothing.

Even when I turn from Him, He is there. He delights in me (Zephaniah 3:17) and He holds me in the palm of His hand. (Isaiah 49:16)  No matter how badly I want to control or am confused or frustrated by the situation, HE’S GOT THIS. Therefore, I must go and spread this good news!

Next time I find myself face-to-face with a gorilla, I’ll remember that.



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