Great Debate: Round Three


I love great debating.  Especially when I debate with a certain someone who really thinks he is providing solid factual evidence on why I may or may not be clinically crazy. 


About a year ago, Chance and I randomly debated the vocal stylings of Michael Jackson.  It was messy to say the least, and resulted in my very first website retraction.  See here and here.


But the other night, I was in a particularly good mood and decided to call my old friend up to tackle another great debate:


What are the top five Prince songs of all time?


Fortunately, Chance was able to pull himself away from legal briefs in order to discuss this important matter with a clear and open mind.  Since we had “issues” with the Jackson debate, I decided we start off by simply listing all the Prince songs we could think of in five minutes.  Afterwards, we would both narrow down until we had reached a top five of our own. 


          Little Red Corvette

          Raspberry Beret

          When Doves Cry

          Purple Rain


          Let’s Go Crazy


          Diamonds and Pearls


          U Got the Look


          The Most Beautiful Girl

          Darling Nicki

          Take Me With You


Then Chance suggests something completely out of left field.  That brings us to the first sound bite of the night:


Chance:  “Beautiful Ones.”  That’s a good song.

Lincee:  What the heck is “Beautiful Ones?”  I’ve never heard that in my life.


Chance:  Whatever.

Lincee:  I’m serious.  I’ve never heard that song.  Sing it.


Chance (humming something unrecognizable):  It’s hard to recreate. 

Lincee:  Clearly


Chance:  It’s just Prince being beautiful.  Don’t write that down.

Lincee:  Too late.  You said it.  It’s on the record. 


A few minutes later, we learn that “Little Red Corvette” and “Purple Rain” have both made it to the top five in each of our lists.  I’m not sure the thought process behind Chance’s selection, but I personally chose the two stellar songs because they reminded me of the time the seniors danced a Prince medley at our Bobcat Belle Spring Show.  Listening closely to the lyrics of “Little Red Corvette” later in life, I’m quite shocked that our director let us bust out a few jazz hands to that song.


It reminds me of the conversation I had with my Mom about the song “Grease Lightening” and how she used to let me and my sister sing it to the top of our lungs.  In front of people.  On numerous occasions.  If you recall, it was full of innuendos and a few dirty words that you can’t even miss!


Mother stands firm with the old stand by of:  “You didn’t know what you were saying back then.  It’s fine.”


Cut to Hallsville High School auditorium circa 1994 and me executing a perfect jeté to the verse that talks about the singer having a pocketful of Trojans. 




Let’s get back on track.


To recap, Chance has without a doubt solidified his top three in the form of “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain,” and “Beautiful Ones.”  (I know…right?)  It’s down to the final two.


Chance:  “Let’s Go Crazy” is looking like a solid contender.”

Lincee:  You have GOT to be kidding me Chance.  Are you serious? 


Chance:  But I have moves to that song.  The part about picking up the phone…

Lincee:  There are a ton of songs better than “Let’s Go Crazy.”  What about “7,” or “Diamonds and Pearls?”  “Raspberry Beret for sure!”


Chance:  Ooohhhh…. “Raspberry Beret” is good.  But I’m gay if that is in my top five.

Lincee:  You already admitted that fact with this “Beautiful Ones” nonsense. 


It all comes down to the lists (in no particular order):



When Doves Cry

Purple Rain

Little Red Corvette

Beautiful Ones

Let’s Go Crazy



Purple Rain

Little Red Corvette



U Got the Look


It’s up to you guys to decide.  Who has the better list?  Who knows the true meaning of what Prince represented before he was the Artist Formerly Known As?  Would any of you put “Beautiful Ones” in your top five?  Sound off in the comments below.


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