Great Debate: Round Two

I called my sister up this weekend and told her that she better put her thinking cap on, because she was going to be the lucky person to “Great Debate” with me for my website.

Jamie: “I’m in. What are we debating?”
Lincee: “Best George Michael songs. Name your top three. No thinking. Just say it. Go.”

Jamie: “Does this include Wham? What about duets?”
Lincee: “The rules are that George had to be singing the song. If others were with him, that counts.” (This, of course, is breaking the rules, but I had my reasons. So back off!)

Jamie: “Well my number one is obviously…”
Lincee: “Please don’t say it.”

Jamie: “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”

Annnnnnnddd there it is. Clearly, we are not on the same playing field. I should have known better. This chick has been in my life for 30+ years. Why would I great debate George Michael with someone who squealed every time his pink sweater/shorty short wearing body flashed the TV screen? This is the same girl who cut all the fingers out of her mittens…not to be cool like Madonna…but to be cool like George Michael. Not that I wasn’t right there with her. I’m pretty sure we begged our Mom to buy blacklights so we could put on every florescent piece of clothing we owned (including Le Zinc sunscreen) in order to dance around in the understairs bathroom…the only place in our house that had no windows.

But I have MOVED ON from Wham. Sure I love GM and that other dude, but his solo stuff is way better.

Jamie: “I think my second choice would be Faith.”
Lincee: “Now you’re talking! Faith is my third choice.”
Jamie: “Well why wouldn’t it be? That video?”
Lincee: “That shaking butt!”
Jamie: “Those acid wash, cut-up jeans and boots!”
Lincee: “Those aviator sunglasses…”

The list went on for about five minutes. I’ll spare you the play-by-play.

Jamie: “I’d round my top three off with Careless Whisper.”

C’MON! ARE YOU HEARING YOURSELF? Not one but TWO Wham songs in your top three? How do we have the same blood you freak?

Lincee: “I really don’t know what to say to that, except I would like for you to ask Gary (her husband) to weigh in so that I know you have some sort of sustaining normalcy in your life when it comes to the mastermind that is George Michael.”

Maybe two seconds pass before she answers:

“He said Praying for Time, Kissing a Fool and I Want Your Sex.”

I’m pretty sure I heard him giggling like a 12-year-old boy when she mentioned that last one.

Lincee: “Jamie. I need both of you to reconsider. Freedom MUST be in your top three. It’s my number one.”
Jamie: “Oh…that’s a good one.”

Lincee: “And his duet with Sir Elton John? Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me? HELLO IT’S MY NUMBER THREE!”
Jamie: “They were great together.”

Lincee: “What about Father Figure?”
Jamie: “Oh yes.”


Lincee: “You’re sticking with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go aren’t you?”
Jamie: “Yes I am Jitterbug.”

Okay readers. It’s up to you. Please help me change Jamie’s mind and prove to her that Wake Me Up is not worthy of top three status for George Michael. I’m counting on you to join me in pulling her out of that florecent dream she’s been dancing in for the past 20 years.

In the meantime, jump on over to You Tube to enjoy his Faith video. You. Are. Welcome.


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