Hall of Fame: Another Time

It’s been a long time since I inducted another class into the IHGB Hall of Fame. This group features men who managed to make my heart melt while they were brooding in period costumes. So much can be left unsaid when a kilt is involved, am I right?

Jamie Fraser
Jamie Fraser

I’m going to give you a moment to keep staring at his face. That chin is just one of the reasons James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser made the Hall of Fame. The main reason he kicks off this list is his unflinching love and protection of Claire. When she fell (through time) into his life, the world no longer spun on its axis—it revolved around her. There is a deep passion between them, but equal respect. She is his match. Some call that a fairytale. I call it hope.

And real men wear kilts. That’s a fact. But it’s sort of weird if you’re not Scottish. Or attending a Scottish wedding or Halloween party. Keep that in mind.

Mr. Darcy
Mark Darcy
I’m definitely not that chick in the Austenland book/movie, but I certainly have been enamored with Mr. Darcy for multiple decades. When I read Pride & Prejudice, I didn’t really comprehend his desperate need for Elizabeth until I watched the double VHS tape, block-out-a-weekend, mini-series.

I understand there are purist out there who think the Keira Knightley version is abominable compared to BBC version. I concede that Colin Firth is the Darcy of all Darcys, but you have to admit that this is pretty romantic:

Matthew Crawley
Matthew Crawley

COUSIN MATTHEW! Those eyes. That smile. Those eyes. Only Matthew Crawley could tame Lady Mary. Downton Abbey hasn’t been the same since he’s been gone, or since that hot Turkish guy died. Can I get an amen?

Now it’s your turn. Who are the men from “the days of yore” who I may have missed? I’d love to research your suggestions. TRUST ME.


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