Hall of Fame: Funny Bone

It’s been about a month since we celebrated the inaugural post of Hall of Fame. Boy, was that was a good day! Thank you to everyone who offered their suggestions in the comment section. Believe me, your wisdom did not go unnoticed and I’ll be giving some of you shout outs in the upcoming posts for introducing me to future Hall of Famers.

Until then, let’s explore the latest inductees who are equally adorable and funny!

1. Seth Meyers

I heart Seth Meyers. I have a serious…and I mean SERIOUS…crush on him. He’s the only reason I watch Saturday Night Live because the delivery of his weekend updates are a perfect blend of sarcasm and wit. For example:

He writes most of his material. Anyone that creative and funny melts my heart. Plus, when he smiles he is all sorts of charming and cute and it makes my insides fuzzy.

2. Jim Halpert

For those who have followed me for years, you are probably looking at the above picture wondering why I haven’t incorporated my “Jim Halpert face” moments in this season. I have to say, I’m wondering too because it’s classic Lincee. Sort of like “pineapple” and “Kyp’s abs” classic. FORGIVE ME JIM!

I think John Krasinski is darling. And HANDSOME. And tall. And hot. Once while in New York City, I was literally mesmerized by his hotness when stumbling upon a giant building-sized Gap advertisement featuring him. Yes, I know The Office jumped the shark about three seasons ago, but anyone who is this adorable when they laugh is speaking my love language.

3. Paul Rudd

Isn’t he gorgeous? I fell for Paul Rudd in 1995 when I discovered Clueless and he played Cher’s step-brother/boyfriend Josh. Since I had to watch the movie a billion times in order to write my college paper on “How Media Can Change Society” (totally made an A by the way,” I was well-versed in everything Josh and loved that he had asked Marky Mark to plant a celebrity tree. From there, the infatuation continued through his two-year stint as Phoebe’s husband on Friends, Brian Fantana and his sexual panther aroma, the Single Ladies video on SNL and all the Judd Apatow movies.

Okay. Who are the funny guys I’ve missed? What are other categories I can include in my next Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comments!


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