Hall of Fame. Hall of Shame.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had a fabulous idea for my website.  I’ve always concluded my recaps with “I’m all about the shame, not the fame” since I began writing in 2003 and it’s unofficially become my sign-off.  Why not have a Hall of Fame and a Hall of Shame section that features the swoon-worthy and chachtastic men that often find their way onto IHGB?

I was on board before the train took off.  And let me tell you…the research that I’ve been doing these last few days has been hard work.  One can become a bit distracted when sifting through pages and  pages of rippling muscles, mesmerizing gazes, sly grins and abs that are just asking for someone to bounce a quarter off of them.

But I pressed on.  After combing through every single one of my past posts and conducting a small, yet scientific poll among friends and family members who truly know me, I’ve compiled a pretty impressive list of Hall of Fame worthy candidates.

It’s a gift.  Truly.

Since I don’t have enough money to add a cute little “HALL” tab at the top of the website, I’ll be posting in the “Now Playing” section since most of these guys can be found on your TV, your iPod, the movie screen, the Broadway stage or my scrolling screen saver.  However, I will start a photo album on Facebook where you can go and gaze at your heart’s content any time you want.  With each new Hall posts, I’ll just keep adding to the album.  It will probably crash the Facebook servers, but I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg will thank me for finding a glitch in his billion dollar system.

Since my list of candidates is roughly three Word document pages with color-coded bullets, I’m going to induct them in small portions.  As always, I’m willing to research anyone (and I mean ANYONE) you feel needs to be considered for either Hall…hot or chach.  Simply comment in the current post or drop me an email.  Feel free to include photos, social media handles, relationship status and phone number of those nominated for Hall of Fame only.

So it is without further ado that I introduce you to the inaugural Hall of Fame class!

Like an oscillating fan in hell, Chris Harrison has always been a breath of fresh air while watching The Bachelor. He’s charming. He’s witty. He’s smooth. And he will always be Our Host.

He’s a host, narrator and Ford pimp. And he’s darling when he’s dirty. That’s why we love Mike Rowe.

Someone once told me there are no words to describe Ryan Reynolds.

Hot. There’s a word.  Charming.  There’s another one.  Smart.  Perfect comedic timing. Believable on-screen chemistry.  Heaven help me abs, shoulders, arms and back.  Chiseled.  I hear he loves his Mama.  Tall.  Funny.  Hot.

Most of you know this guy.  He was the one who gave me this idea.  It would be rude not to include him in the coveted Hall of Fame.  It has nothing to do with the fact that he lost a bet and was therefore forced by the unflinchingly rigid laws of the gentleman’s wager to hand over the infamous “early days of underwear modeling” photo and I take great satisfaction in posting said photo as many times as possible before he plots equally embarrassing ways to get me back but we both know that won’t ever happen because half-naked will forever trump anything he may or may not have planned for my revenge.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section for the next induction.  And don’t forget to check out my website for Hall of Fame AND Shame inductees.  Congratulations guys!


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