When “Hall of Fames” collide

I love stumbling across a picture like this. Two of my “Funny Bone” Hall of Famers together. What more could you ask for?

Inserting yourself into said picture. Clearly.

Then I see this and decide that it’s time to move to California so I can go to every single Lakers game.

Jim Halpert and Michael Bluth are total BFFs. Not convinced that we shouldn’t go in for season tickets? Does this help?

I can’t stand it. IHGB Hall of Famers hanging out together makes me want to spontaneously combust, even if one of them did just randomly marry Serena van der Woodsen. Exhibit A:

And let’s not forget the catalyst behind this entire website entry’s vision. Behold:

Damon Salvatore is back Thursday, January 17 with Neil Caffrey close behind on Tuesday, January 22.

I’ve missed you boys. Thanks to the stunning Tumbler page Guys In Suits for bringing such inspiration to my day.

Click on that link. Then bookmark it. Trust me.


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