THE OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE IS OVER!  Hallelujah indeed!  My media day went well.  There was tons of publicity for my clients.  My knee didn’t boycott me and swell up until the late afternoon.  I shall officially claim this year a victory!

Several of you emailed me to say that ABC had unveiled the cast of characters that will inevitably compete for Emily’s heart.  I had every intention of writing something this weekend about the roster, but my hours were filled with early morning fishing, teaching my three-year-old niece how to swim, attending my sister’s drill team’s dance recital, driving to Austin for a dear friend’s baby shower, catching up with Some Guy in Austin and speeding around the lake with other friends in their tricked out boat.

In conclusion, I’m so popular.  With that said, I promise to give my initial first reaction thoughts to Emily’s suitors later this week.  We are SEVEN DAYS away from the new season.  Hallelujah!

Speaking of Hallelujah, on the way home from Austin, one of my back seat passengers introduced me to the following trio of friends who made this random video.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the awesomeness.


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