Hallmark Christmas Movies

Did you know that there are 19 Hallmark Christmas movies? And that’s just for 2016 alone. This does not count the nine other times Lacey Chabert starred as the pivotal female lead role in past seasons. How is a DVR supposed to handle all of that holiday cheer?

Moreover, if you are from one of these small towns in the midwest whose townsfolk are obsessed with Christmas, please email me. I’d like to hear more about this phenomenon.

Some of you have already seen half of these movies. If I had to guess, I would assume that there are a few worthy of skipping. I asked my mother for direction, but she was no help. She told me not to bother with the one about the plucky girl who likes the power suit guy, but the sweet guy in her life turns out to be her true love and they figure all this out the days leading up to Christmas.


Below is the list of 2016 original Hallmark Christmas movies. Please give your honest opinion on both sides of the coin. I want to know which ones you loved and which ones you had playing in the background as white noise while you wrapped presents or decked the halls because they were woefully boring.

A Wish For Christmas
Starring Lacey Chabert and Paul Greene

Let me guess: Her newfound courage catches the eye of the guy she’s been crushing on at work? I wonder why she didn’t wish to be reunited with her fellow Party of Five family members?

The Mistletoe Promise
Starring Jaime King and Luke Macfarlane

It’s Lemon Breeland. I’m so there.

A Perfect Christmas
Starring Susie Abromeit, Dillon Casey and Erin Gray

This one feels a little cheesy to me. Am I right?

Every Christmas Has a Story
Starring Lori Loughlin, Colin Ferguso and Willie Aames

If I had a nickel for every time I fell on a handsome man after slipping on some ice…

Christmas Cookies
Stars Jill Wagner and Wes Brown

Traditionally, I never like the Christmas movies with a baking theme. However, Wes Brown was Dr. Judson Lyons on Hart of Dixie and I will follow that cast wherever it leads me. In an interesting twist, HE is the small town baker who doesn’t want to sell his business to a city girl. Furthermore, the name of the town is Cookie Jar. This one seems like a winner.

My Christmas Dream
Starring Danica McKellar, Deidre Hall and David Haydn-Jones

It’s Miracle on 34th Street with a strapping handy man saving the day instead of Santa Claus. The decorating part seems blah to me, but I may be persuaded to overlook that since Marlena and Winnie Cooper are teaming up.

A December Bride
Stars Daniel Lissing and Jessica Lowndes

My initial reaction was gagging and a severe eye roll. Tell me I’m wrong.

Broadcasting Christmas
Starring Melissa Joan Hart, Dean Cain, Cynthia Gibb, Jackée Harry and Richard Kline

Broadcasting Christmas has a ton of big stars and quite a bit of marketing behind it. I’ve actually heard of this one. It seems like Hallmark wants me to tune in. I don’t know if I want to. Help me decide.

Christmas in Homestead
Stars Taylor Cole and Michael Rady

Truth: I read this title as Christmas on the Homestead and fully expected a cowboy character. There isn’t one. Now my spirits are deflated, which makes me want to boycott the movie.

Christmas List
Stars Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan

I will always see her as the villain in Two Weeks Notice.

A Heavenly Christmas
From the Hallmark Hall of Fame
Starring Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack and Shirley MacLaine

What makes a Hallmark Christmas movie “Hall of Fame” worthy? Is it Shirley MacLaine? I don’t know if Kristin Davis’ ability to not age will fascinate me or annoy me while watching. It also looks sad, and I don’t do sad.

Journey Back to Christmas
Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Oliver Hudson and Tom Skerritt

Oliver Hudson and Candace Cameron in a reverse Back to the Future? Yes please.

A Dream of Christmas
Starring Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker

Huh. She’s married and irritated by this fact? Pass.

Looks Like Christmas
Starring Anne Heche and Dylan Neal

I’ll confess that I zoned out during the trailer. Not a good sign.

A Nutcracker Christmas
Starring Amy Acker, Sascha Radetsky and Sophia Lucia

No brainer. Dance, Christmas and the dude from Centerstage. This one will probably be saved forever on the old DVR.

Love You Like Christmas
Starring Brennan Elliott and Bonnie Somerville

I’ve seen a version of this movie 24 times. Someone please weigh in.

My Christmas Love
Starring Meredith Hagner, Bobby Campo and Gregory Harrison

Bless her baby heart. She has no idea which of the FOUR men are sending her love letters and Christmas gifts. I’ve been there, sister. The struggle is real.

I’m trusting that each of you reading this right now will weigh in on my movie-watching dilemma. Please give me guidance in the comment section. I understand some of these haven’t debuted yet, but we can consider this post an evergreen plethora of ongoing and updated information. Together we can do this!


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