Happy 90210 Day!

My sweet friend Curt just informed me via instant message that it is 90210 Day. After a few moments of wondering when the Mayor bestowed our favorite kids from Beverly Hills a key to the city, I realized that it is September 2, 2010. Or 9/02/10.

Of course, this is just the type of cheese I can get behind and whole-heartedly support. And it’s not too late to post something! ( I can’t tell you how many years I’ve forgotten to post “may the fourth be with you” on May 4th.)

It’s time to turn back the clock to 1990. A year when we all ran home from the Thursday night JV volleyball game in order to catch the opening credits of this cool new show on that random station called FOX. Our parents thought it was about a group of high school teenagers struggling with the decision to plagiarize Robert Frost or try out for the baseball team instead of running track.

Little did they know that with the very first fist bump (crack/crack) and the sly smile from Dylan McKay, we were wishing we were on the other end of whatever makes Brandon Walsh pull his circular sunglasses down super slow.


It was a time when Donna Martin was still a virgin and before she showed up in season five with major boobs. It was a time before David had an earring and we didn’t think Steve looked like the 30-year-old Bachelor from down the street. Kelly and Brenda were rocking awesome bangs when bangs were about to go out of style. Sadly, Andrea always looked like a 30-year-old, but it was okay. We appreciated that she and Nat brought so much maturity to the Peach Pit.

The light colored denim was worn proudly.  The side burns were worn long.  And floral was worn on any given day with matching hair scrunchy.

And then there was Dylan…

Sure his hair was a little on the high side, but BE STILL MY JAMES DEAN LOVING HEART!

Here’s to you Beverly Hills 90210!  After a quick IMDB.com search, I’m actually surprised that some of us stuck with you for an entire decade.   Not to be done by everyone you know on Facebook, let’s go ahead and share some of our favorite 90210 moments in the comment section.

And just for the record:  TEAM DYLAN!


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