Happy Birthday Oreo!

Thanks so much to IHGB reader Colleen and her husband (who works for Nabisco…best job EVER) for sending me this package in the mail!

After years of reading my site, she knows how I have an unnatural love for Oreos, especially ones that are seasonal. So when her husband brought home the new birthday cake flavor, she made sure to send some my way. And I made sure to introduce them to my niece. Because it’s my duty as a loving aunt to pump her full of sugar and then give her back to her parents right at bed time.

Let the record show that they are delicious.

Why yes…that is a bit of birthday cake cream filling by Addison’s nose. When we enjoy Oreos, we enjoy them hard. And maybe we chase it with a glass of chocolate milk. Don’t tell her mother.

Thanks for the package Colleen! And Happy Birthday Oreo!


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