Happy Halloween

With a happy heart, I’m excited to announce that the Halloween Oreos will be GONE after today.

With a hungry heart, I’m depressed to announce that they will be replaced with these:

Un.  Fair.  If you have no idea what is going on with this Oreo torture, I invite you to click HERE.  I need Michael.  SOMEONE TURN ON MICHAEL!!!

Back to the subject at hand.

I had every intention of working on a super cool Halloween post that showcased my awesome costumes from days of yore.  However, this weekend was full of activity, including a wedding, a showdown between me and what I’m convinced was the smartest roach on the planet (notice I said was), the Zac Brown Band concert and my first balloon gig as a twisting artist.

I made that title up myself.

Tonight, I’m going to gather up all of my pictures and work on the post.  I also wanted to include some of YOUR most creative costumes!  Send me an email with your photo and I’ll feature a few of my favorites from the best readers on the Internet.

Happy Halloween!


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