Happy Halloween

With a happy heart, I’m excited to announce that the Halloween Oreos will be GONE after today.

With a hungry heart, I’m depressed to announce that they will be replaced with these:

Un.  Fair.  If you have no idea what is going on with this Oreo torture, I invite you to click HERE.  I need Michael.  SOMEONE TURN ON MICHAEL!!!

Back to the subject at hand.

I had every intention of working on a super cool Halloween post that showcased my awesome costumes from days of yore.  However, this weekend was full of activity, including a wedding, a showdown between me and what I’m convinced was the smartest roach on the planet (notice I said was), the Zac Brown Band concert and my first balloon gig as a twisting artist.

I made that title up myself.

Tonight, I’m going to gather up all of my pictures and work on the post.  I also wanted to include some of YOUR most creative costumes!  Send me an email with your photo and I’ll feature a few of my favorites from the best readers on the Internet.

Happy Halloween!


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Not to torment you more, but I had the most amazing cookies last week – chocolate chip with an oreo cookie baked inside!! It was sinfully delicious. Not to worry though. Since you are currently unable to eat oreos and I am currently able and allowed to eat double, I had an extra cookie in your honor.


That was supposed to say “I am currently pregnant”…in my excitement of the memory, my typing fingers ignored my full thought.

Sherilyn -Dominee Huisvrouw

Today I saw some ‘fake’ Oreos with candy cane cream. I just might have to try those before the season is over… but I think I’ve got plenty of time yet!


Would love to see your costumes from yesteryear! Keep up the great work with the sugar. I’ve already caved…

Amanda K.

did you see Kelly Ripa on The Bachelorette?


(it’s the second video under “latest video”…i couldn’t find a direct link)