Happy Halloween / Happy Fall Festival / Happy Fall Fair

Whether you’re going trunk-or-treating, bobbing for apples at the town square or executing a pub crawl in your best Honey Boo Boo costume, I hope you have fun tonight.

I’ll be in my apartment trying not to get creeped out by the ABC Family marathon of Hocus Pocus.

Oh who am I kidding?  I can’t handle Hocus Pocus.  I’ve tried.  It always scares me.

What I’ll really be watching is the epic sensation known as Teen Witch starring none other than Serena Van der Woodsen’s real life sister.  As a young kid, this was the moment in which I knew I was watching something pretty special:

Come on.  Brad is so hot.  I don’t care that he could be mistaken for a substitute teacher or enthusiastic assistant principal at the school dance.  Did you see his eyes and dazzling smile?  Plus, he was sweet enough to match his turquoise shirt EXACTLY to Louise’s dress.  HOW THOUGHTFUL!  And his calculated walk is mesmerizing as he approaches her in the middle of the dance floor with his spotlight obediently following.  The slick moves of a jungle cat.

Of course Louise is a vision too.  Those shoulder pads!  That permed 80s hair that doesn’t move an inch when Hot Brad dips her during the crescendo of the song!  A perfectly starched tutu with biker shorts and black heels.  TOTALLY AWESOME!

I guess a great big YOU’RE WELCOME is due to those who may have forgotten Brad’s hotness as he graces the screen of probably one of the coolest Halloween-themed films of all time.  For those of you reading who have never experienced or perhaps (gasp!) never even heard of Teen Witch, I’m sad for you.  I’m in no way feeling old or dated or clinging on to my 80s youth with a can of aerosol hairspray in one hand and a cassette tape of “Slippery When Wet” in the other.  I think I’m providing the millennials a service this fine Halloween by introducing them to the awesomeness, right?  I referenced Serena Van der Woodsen!  I’m so now.

Remember to send me costume pics. I’ll post tomorrow and we can vote on the most creative!


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