‘Hart of Dixie’ recap at Entertainment Freaking Weekly


My fellow EW colleague Michelle and I both say that we have a new writing gig over at Entertainment Freaking Weekly. Then we pinch ourselves, give a virtual high five to the other and post our recap link on our websites.

Now I’ve explained this to my Mama several times, so I think it behooves me to explain it again to you. You can get to the recap by CLICKING HERE or clicking the handy badge over there to the left. Easy peasy.

And spoiler alert: Wade is not shirtless in this episode. That makes, I don’t know, the entire season of him wearing tight tees and manly flannels. I feel that this travesty deserves a post on its own.  Stay tuned!

Love you. Mean it.

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Ted Leger

Entertainment “Freaking” Weekly. That’s a good one.


You certainly did not belong on that website.
I was laughing so hard…I was crying. I would demand credit for that pic though 🙂


Ha – yeah “freaking” is right! Love it!