Has it really been two years?

Why yes it has my favorite IHGB readers.  It’s been two years since I started a little website for my Bachelor followers.  And look how we’ve grown! 

I decided that I would take this time to revisit some of my more popular posts (using stat counters) and give you guys the opportunity to walk down memory lane. 

Behold —

I Hate Green Beans Greatest Hits, Volume 1

Does the phrase HUET training mean anything to you?

The guy holding the Vodka calls all the shots.

Three words:  Civil War Re-Enactment

Who could forget the Cat Whisperer?

Or the beauty of jazzercise?

Adventures in Petra involve oxygen tanks and camels.  Fun times.

And finally…how it all began.

You guys are too good to me.  Here’s to another year of wonderful randomness.




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Thanks for always brightening my day!

sleep deprived mom
sleep deprived mom

I just re-read the Vodka post- HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing your life, humor and joy with us, Lincee! I can’t wait to see who you pick as part of being pimped out! And I am also excited to hear how your friend lost so much weight!


oh those were fun!
i’m new to your site (and watching) so all that was very new to me.

thanks for a good start to my day!

oh, and i’m hoping my daughter won’t kill us with her name. we balanced her first name out w/ a normal middle name- just in case!


Can’t wait for the upcoming year and to find out which lucky man you select from your pimping/pimped experience! Thanks for sharing your life with us!


Congrats on 2 years! I love your site and am excited every time I see a post in my Google Reader. Thanks for the endless entertainment and for sharing so much of yourself with us! 🙂


I am proud to say that although I do not post often, I have been around reading this blog for quite some time and it never fails to make me laugh! Lincee, you are truly gifted with a charming wit and great ability to express your thoughts in a way that makes us “get you” even though we don’t know you! Keep it up girl!

P.S. I am so crossing my fingers for a juicy update to the Lincee pimping!!


Congratulations, Lincee! You bring fun to my day with every post (Batch-related and otherwise). I am blessed to “know” you through the blogosphere. Thanks for bringing back the favorites!


I have loved your blog from the beginning. Thanks for the laughs! Hope your knee if healing


What about the warm vanilla sugar/croutons? That one had me laughing for days. I can’t seem to find it in the archives.

fan in H-Town
fan in H-Town

CONGRATS on your 2 year anniversary, LIncee! I’ve been a fan & follower of your recaps since the email days, & it’s SO cool to witness just how many lives you touch mby making millions laugh. A big vodka toast (w/ no herring chaser) to the funniest gal in the blogosphere that has “the appetite of a sophisticated fourth grader”! Thanks for the laughs, & hope theknee holds up during the big Hallsville Civil War re-enactment soiree!


2 years? Why is seems like yesterday I started reading the site when you were but a user on blogspot. And here you are with your own domain and everything. It’s been great fun. While I don’t want to speak for the other readers, I will say that I am blessed by your web presence. While I thoroughly enjoy the Bachelor/ette recaps, I have to say I really love the glimpses into who Lincee Ray really is. Keep up the good work!

All about the shame
All about the shame

I agree with Michelletax about the croutons post. Hilarious! I have told so many people about that! I very rarely laugh out loud at something I read, but that post had me rolling! Because they DO look like croutons!


I feel your pain…. my first name is Karis. My sister’s name? Teresa. Easy-Peasy. I too, never got the cute personalized pencils!!


Lincee, I know so many people say this to you and you may be tired of hearing it, but . . . PLEASE write a book. You have so many unique stories and sometimes I read them and wonder, ‘How can all of these hilarious/crazy things happen to one person?!’ and laugh so hard at your ability to tell a story. That’s what makes reading them so great. (I mean, who figures out later that the mud on their face was part-sewer and the ‘ham and turkey’ they ate was (gasp!) . . donkey tongue?!)

Thank you for sharing both your faith and your ‘life and times’ with us.

And incidentally, if it makes you feel any better, even though my name is ‘Jennifer’ and that ended up being THE MOST POPULAR NAME the year I was born (and I never had a class without at least 3 of ‘us’ in it) – – and if they weren’t sold out, there was anything and everything you could want personalized with ‘Jennifer’ on it . . . my mom would never buy any of it for me. She was too paranoid it would be used in an evil plot against me.

I remember she was particularly averse to even CONSIDERING the hair barettes with ‘Jennifer’ on them because she was absolutely convinced that a stranger would read them, call me by name at the mall, and tell me a story about how ‘my mom sent me to pick you up because she couldn’t come,’ and kidnap me. TRUE STORY. She must have watched the news too much (I think this was before Dateline!) – – so rest assured that not everyone who even COULD, got to partake in the personalized goodness, either.
(AND, you’re also blessed with an awesome, unique name. No matter where I am, I usually end up one of twelve people who turn to see if ‘they’ mean ‘us’ when they call for ‘Jennifer.’)

Bit it’s ok – – I made up for those years of being denied by getting my name tattooed around my wrist. Take THAT, mom! (haaaaaaaa, I kid, I kid. I didn’t do that, ha!)

Jenny G
Jenny G

I so love your recaps for the Bachelor, but have been enjoying your blogs as well! So freaking funny that you took up Jazzercise because I did that about 9 years ago and it was the only thing that I thoroughly enjoyed…well as far as working out goes. I kept with it and lost quite a few lbs as well as toning up (even someone like me that has 2 left feet and dances like a total white girl). When I would tell people I was doing jazzercise, they’d crack up! Seriously, it’s totally awesome and I wish I could find someone to watch my little chitlin’ so I could go back to it and shed some of these unwanted “lbs”.

So happy my sister-in-law turned me onto you because you make me smile all of the time!

#14- I too am a Jennifer and got jipped on getting anything with my name on it because they were always sold out. I remember wanting a license plate for my awesome yellow banana-seat bike, but struck out because all of them were sold out with my name. Also, I always had 3 girls in my class that were Jennifer’s, so I never got to be called “Jennifer” in school. I was always “Jenny” or “Jen”. All I wanted to be was “Jennifer” and now I am…oh to be older:)