Has it really been two years?

Why yes it has my favorite IHGB readers.  It’s been two years since I started a little website for my Bachelor followers.  And look how we’ve grown! 

I decided that I would take this time to revisit some of my more popular posts (using stat counters) and give you guys the opportunity to walk down memory lane. 

Behold —

I Hate Green Beans Greatest Hits, Volume 1

Does the phrase HUET training mean anything to you?

The guy holding the Vodka calls all the shots.

Three words:  Civil War Re-Enactment

Who could forget the Cat Whisperer?

Or the beauty of jazzercise?

Adventures in Petra involve oxygen tanks and camels.  Fun times.

And finally…how it all began.

You guys are too good to me.  Here’s to another year of wonderful randomness.




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