You gotta have faith

In 2007, I enjoyed a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Our tour guide talked about how this is where Jesus calmed the storm and walked on water. In a dramatic fashion, the guy driving the boat cut the engine and we drifted in silence for a few minutes before our pastor asked, “Would anyone like to try?”

Matthew 14:22-23 tells the story of Jesus walking on water. It also tells the story of how Peter asked to join Him. Jesus said, “Come on!” and Peter was doing pretty good — until he looked down, got scared and began to sink. Some people choose to interpret this story as an example of what happens when we take our eyes off of God. I think that’s a valid point, but I also believe that we have to look at the “glass half full” side of the story.

Peter had the courage to get out of the boat in the first place.

I’m not sure I would have taken that step. Life is full of uncertainties. This reality is hard for a lot of us. I like knowing that I’m safe, comfortable and protected in the boat. I like knowing what to expect. I like a plan. I like details. I’m sure this attitude is helpful in some instances, but it can also be a immobilizing if you never get in the game.

As a wise man wearing an incredible pair of worn jeans and aviator sunglasses once said, “You gotta have faith.” The Bible encourages it too.

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” — Hebrews 11:1

Faith is one step at a time on a dark path. Today, I’m going to trust and believe in God’s sovereignty, knowing that His plan for my life is the best plan.

I’m going to offer Him:
All that I have.
All that I do.
All that I suffer
And all of who I am.

It’s time to step out of the boat.

(PS: I’m not a monster. I would never make you YouTube the “Faith” video yourself. Enjoy!)


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Monday mornings are tough. Thanks for making mine so very much brighter with you message about faith, that AWESOME video that I haven’t seen in like 20 years, and a peek at George Michael’s bum. You rock, Lincee! 🙂

sarah harper

Right there with you, Lincee. THANK YOU for this!


My preacher’s sermon was on this very passage yesterday morning. He had the same points as you, down to the fact that Peter may get a bad rap for losing faith a little when he was actually out on the water – but he was the only one with enough faith to step out to begin with!

And as a side note…doesn’t that screen shot of George Michael look like Artem from DWTS?


What a great read. I tune in always for the bachelor recaps…as funny as those are, this one was phenomenal in a really different way for me. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing gift.

Sonia Graney
Sonia Graney

While we were in Israel in September, we took the same boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Thank you for your beautiful reminder of God’s sovereignty.


Here is a great message that goes with your great post, Lincee


Amen sister…i haven’t watched the Bachelor in a couple years and now that i’m married (can i get an AMEN) i have started watching again…the first thing that came to mind was to read your blogs again 🙂 And remembering that you too are a strong believer makes it all the better. I admire you so much for making your faith known, being funny, and being honest. I will pray for your message to continue to make it’s way across the country! Blessings!


You’re a believer??? That makes me so happy! I LOVE your Bachelor recaps and one of the main reasons (besides their hilarity) is that they are not vulgar or cruel. You are funny without being vicious, which I have yet to find elsewhere in Bachelor recaps : )

Sarah @ Pretty Simple Ideas

Thanks for sharing your faith, Lincee! We all know you’re an excellent writer, and hilarious at that, but that you would be bold about following Christ is so refreshing too!


Wow, thanks for sharing. I am taking a big leap of faith right now and really needed this.