Hawaii Five- HEY OH!

Meet Detective Steve McGarrett.

He fights the bad guys in Hawaii while simultaneously working to avenge his father’s death.  After two episodes, I’m hooked and have written a strongly worded letter to the folks over at CBS that Detective McGarrett’s storyline would be better served if we see him shirtless at least once per episode.

For example:

You are welcome.

Meet Detective Danny Williams

He likes to look professional in a tie and moved to the island to be close to his daughter. Their relationship is precious and his witty banter with Detective Steve is super attractive to people like me who appreciate good sarcasm when they see and hear it.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch this.

Love the ending. “Where are you trying to go? Go ahead…”

Mondays are now EPIC! Have I convinced you? Will you be watching?


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