Holiday Wish List 2013: FULFILLED

It’s nice to know that I have people in my life who TOTALLY get me.


Thanks to Ann, I don’t have to worry about finding a journal for 2014. I wonder what people at church are going to say about my Ryan Gosling notebook? Probably that I’m the coolest person that they know. Or at the very least, the coolest person on the pew.

And thanks to Carrie, I now have a book of original poetry to read by the fire this holiday season. Or perhaps I’ll do an interpretive reading each Monday night to prepare me for two hours of Juan-uary.


And my co-worker Justin hit the nail on the head too! Chick-Fil-A FOREVER! Plus, he got me that cool bubble gum machine for my birthday.

That’s right people. If you stay in the realm of Ryan Gosling, The Bachelor franchise or the eating habits of a fourth-grader, you pretty much can guarantee that this girl’s Christmas will be both joyful and triumphant.


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